Catholic Bishop leads pro-life rally at abortion clinic

The person leading the crowd was the new Bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Saginaw.

“We fight for a lot of rights in this country, but you have no rights if you are dead,” said Bishop Joseph Cistone, the new Bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Saginaw.

Bishop Joseph Cistone says the ultimate human right is the right to live.

Saturday, he led a prayer service.  It took place out front the Women’s Health Center in Saginaw, a clinic that performs abortions.

“It really struck me today that these women who came here today left behind life, left behind dead babies,” said Bishop Joseph Cistone.

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Seen on the web: On Obama, health care, social justice, abortion

I am still waiting to see how anyone brings the dead babies social justice.

The issue so many cannot understand and to which obviously Pope Benedict spent his time (and gave Obama homework) is that the issue of life comes first … for without life, who cares what health care a dead baby has?