Pro-Lifers Push Back Against Chicago “Bubble Zone”

Planned Parenthood may have gotten the Chicago City Council to enact a Bubble Zone around the abortion clinics, but time and time again they’ve found that they didn’t get the law they wanted.

This week was another excellent case in point.

Pro-Lifers Take Time To Counsel Mid-Week

Pro-lifers David and Darlene went to the Planned Parenthood location on Division and LaSalle to pray and counsel last Thursday. This location performs abortions six days a week, but usually pro-lifers are only there on Saturdays. This means the “clinic escorts” (”deathscorts”) are also only there on Saturdays. Coming mid-week, then, means pro-lifers can have uninterrupted conversations with clients.

David sent us his account of the day and of the police department’s efforts to “enforce” the Bubble Zone:

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‘Bubble’ trouble: Planned Parenthood called S.W.A.T. team on pro-lifers

‘The first Saturday under the Bubble Zone law, a police officer told the sidewalk counselors outside Planned Parenthood they ‘could not approach or even stand within eight feet of a woman’ and that no signs could be placed within fifty feet of the door. When the pro-lifers tried to explain what the ordinance really says, the police officer said if he had to go back to the station to get a copy of it, he would arrest any of the pro-lifers still at the clinic when he returned!

‘Eventually the pro-lifers convinced the police to let them stand fifteen feet away from the clinic entrance, though the number fifteen isn’t anywhere in the ordinance.

‘Since then, the police keep changing their interpretation of the Bubble Zone from week to week. Here are just a few examples of the rules they come up with on the spot:

  • Police have forbidden [would ‘tried to forbid’ be better?] pro-lifers to display graphic abortion signs on the sidewalk outside Planned Parenthood, declaring that the signs cannot touch the sidewalk because it is public property.
  • Police have told sidewalk counselors they cannot speak to anyone entering the clinic unless that person first asks them for information. Desperate, abortion-bound mothers are somehow supposed to know some of the people standing on the sidewalk outside Planned Parenthood happen to be pro-life counselors!
  • Police have insisted that pro-lifers cannot stand within eight feet of the door of the clinic — as if the door has been granted a special bubble all its own.
  • One police officer, right after claiming he’s only enforcing the law with strict neutrality, told a pro-lifer that ‘you all are here to harass women, and this clinic is here to help them.’
  • As I mentioned above, one Saturday, they even called out the S.W.A.T. team! The peaceful sidewalk counselors — including a mom counseling with her five-year-old daughter in her arms — were confronted by an armored squadron!

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