Our Deviant Society

Much of today’s language usage demonstrates a desire to be nonjudgmental. People used to shack up; now they cohabit or are living partners. Few young women of yesteryear would have felt comfortable to publicly declare they slept around. Unmarried women used to give birth to a bastard; later, this was upgraded to an illegitimate birth or a nonmarital birth. In many instances, unwed mothers proudly hold baby showers celebrating their illegitimate offspring, and the man, if known, who sired the baby is referred to as “my baby’s daddy” or sometimes as “my baby daddy.”

Homosexual marriages, which are not a basic human survival trait, were unheard of; today, in some jurisdictions, homosexual marriages have legal sanction. To be judgmental about modern codes of conduct is to risk being labeled a prude, racist, sexist or a homophobe. People ignore the fact that to accept another’s right to engage in certain peaceable, voluntary behavior doesn’t require moral acceptance or sanction.

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Religious goods distributor canonizes the late, homosexual community organizer and politician, Harvey Milk

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Why are homophobic attitudes so prevalent among Christians?

Q: Why are homophobic attitudes so prevalent among Christians?

A: No offense to anyone, but authentic Christianity considers homosexual practices to be gravely sinful, seriously disordered, and harmful to both the homosexual and to society.

This is not homophobic. It is simply proper discernment, being able to tell the difference between true diversity (which is perfectly acceptable) and grave depravity (which most certainly is not).

Steeped in their essentially narcissistic behavior, gays continue to crave official acceptance and approval, while Christians (and most others) find the open and flagrant practice of homosexuality naturally repugnant. Typically recoiling against it, in disgust.

It’s only natural.

Having dealt with homosexuality in various world cultures for the last 2000 years, the Catholic Church actually understands the true scope of this problem pretty well.

According to the Vatican:

“It has been argued that the homosexual orientation in certain cases is not the result of deliberate choice; and so the homosexual person would then have no choice but to behave in a homosexual fashion. Lacking freedom, such a person, even if engaged in homosexual activity, would not be culpable.

Here, the Church’s wise moral tradition is necessary since it warns against generalizations in judging individual cases. In fact, circumstances may exist, or may have existed in the past, which would reduce or remove the culpability of the individual in a given instance; or other circumstances may increase it.

What is at all costs to be avoided is the unfounded and demeaning assumption that the sexual behaviour of homosexual persons is always and totally compulsive and therefore inculpable. What is essential is that the fundamental liberty which characterizes the human person and gives him his dignity be recognized as belonging to the homosexual person as well.”

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sodom_and_gomorrahDestruction of Sodom and Gomorrah

The truth is “obvious,” he explained.  “Heterosexuality is normal human sexuality, while homosexuality is a deviation. These are obvious things. What is so ground-breaking is how successful activists have been at clouding out reality.”

“I think as the angry media continues to perpetuate the myth that homosexuality can’t be cured, … I want to continue to send the message of truth in opposition to that lie,” he said, “supported by the fact that I have just continued to be happier, more confident, and much, much more healthy – and much less, less gay – since 2007 and the years before.”

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More on similar matters (PDF file)

(Excerpt from the above referenced PDF document:)

The average society, according to the historian Arnold Toynbee, lasts about 200 years until it starts to decline.

He writes that, out of the 19 societies catalogued from the beginning of written history, all of them declined and fell due to moral corruption.

Only two societies did not succumb to moral corruption, and they survived indefinitely. (One of them was western Christianity, namely Catholicism, the Holy Roman Empire and beyond).

Unfortunately, the institutionalization of homosexuality (e.g., homosexual marriage; homosexual rights, etc) is, Toynbee says, the final and most devastating immorality, since shortly thereafter the society completely collapses.

No society has ever survived long after homosexuality was legally condoned and permitted.

What’s wrong with gay people? Does the Bible run your life?

Q: What’s wrong with gay people? Does the Bible run your life?
Whats so bad about gay people? They aren’t hurting anyone and why should it be your business how someone lives? It’s not like they chose to be gay.

A: “Gay” people are often very nice folks. Unfortunately, the things that they do are seriously disordered, sinful, and contrary to the natural law.

And whether that behavior is genetic or by choice makes absolutely no difference at all.

Lately, gay folks have spent an inordinate amount of time trying to get straight people to accept their deviant lifestyle, as though it was something to be proud of.

It’s not … and we won’t.

Keep it to yourself.