Rebellion against God only causes death, division, suffering and unhappiness. When will we learn our lesson?


The unholy patron of dialog and compromise

At Vatican II there was strong pressure from protestants for us Catholics to become more like them in our way of worship and doctrine.   This was accepted by the Catholics so as to try to bring protestants back into the Catholic Church (“Ecumenism”).

So after we deformed the liturgy (according to protestant suggestions) and toned down doctrine (to not offend them and to agree with them that we were wrong and they were right all along), they were suppose to come back into the Catholic Church.  But the exact opposite has happened.  As we Catholics have tried to copy the Protestants by becoming more liberal and protestant like in liturgy and doctrine, they have continued to even further separate from us, by becoming even more liberal “christians”.

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Common sense suggestions for a reform of the reform … from a priest

Is the Second Vatican Council some kind of sacred cow that can’t be reformed? I ask this in all seriousness. The reason why I ask this is that we all have been taught since the Second Vatican Council that the Church is always in need of reform. Since a council, specifically the Second Vatican Council is but a small part of the Church, should not that old adage also apply to the Second Vatican Council?

There are FIVE areas where the Second Vatican Council could use some reform…

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Cardinal Zen: “We cannot renounce the principles of our faith and our basic ecclesiastical discipline, just to please the Beijing government.”

Cardinal Zen—who has been the leading voice of Catholicism in opposition to China’s efforts to control the Church—says that mixed signals from the Vatican are partly responsible for the fact that many bishops who profess loyalty to Rome participated in an illicit ordination of a government-backed bishop in November, and in the election of new leaders for the Catholic Patriotic Association: a group which Pope Benedict has denounced as divisive. The cardinal said that in the absence of clear guidance from Rome, many Chinese bishops are apt to follow commands from Beijing.

“Our bishops needed some supply of courage,” Cardinal Zen says, referring to the hierarchy in China. “But instead they received much misplaced compassion, which pushed them deeper and deeper into the mire of slavish subjection.”


Sebelius and her Kansas political “pals” at least partly to blame for death of Tiller


Kathleen Sebelius, former Governor of Kansas, now Obama Administration cabinet member, is at least partly to blame for the demise of Dr. George Tiller. (Sebelius seen standing between Tiller and his wife.)

Sebelius was Tiller’s biggest fan and his most politically savy enabler, even to the point of throwing lavish parties for the abortionist and his staff, in the Governor’s residence.

If Sebelius had actually engaged with Kansas pro-lifers in the type of dialogue that her boss, Barack Obama, the ABORTION President, claims to so highly recommend,  it’s quite likely that an acceptable compromise could have been worked out that would have both reduced the number of abortions and lowered Tiller’s profile as the country’s leading late term abortionist.

And that, my friends, may have been the difference between life and death … for Tiller … and for many of the thousands of innocent babies that Tiller so wantonly put to death … using many and various methods and means … that are much, much more brutal … to both the mother and the ill-fated child … than any of the alleged acts of torture that were recently carried out by the U.S. government, in defense of our country.

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Anyone want to bet that Sebelius doesn’t even have the “guts” to show up at her pal Tiller’s funeral?

Mr. President, it’s not too late to begin a serious dialog. What are you waiting for?