NBC’s Nancy Snyderman would make a really bad Catholic

A reader sums things up:

cajun_2 • 16 hours ago
Ok folks. Dont believe a word Nancy Snyderman says. If you google some of her work, you would be appalled at her lack of “ethics” , especially the medical ones.

She has written several articles, (one has been deleted), that many of tests for women under age 50 is unnecessary. Pap smears and mammograms are to make money not help women with early detection since so many of these tests result in traumatic and useless surgeries. No where in her articles did she mention biopsies, MRI’s, and other tests to verify initial results. Deliberate exclusion to confuse the unknowing.
The entire point of her agenda driven drivel was to justify the cuts due to ObamaCare for many medical procedures for women. Regardless of her idiocy, studies show that early detection of cancer has resulted in higher life expectancy for women of all ages for breast cancer and cervical cancer.
Dont trust a word she says. As a breast cancer survivor, and having gone through the diagnostic and treatment process, she has shown deliberate lies about the process women must go through before surgery is even brought up for discussion as part of the treatment. This woman is no Doctor, she’s a liberal, therefore has not ethics at all.

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