What are the signs that we are too attached to someone or something?

Are there ways we can distinguish attachments from ordinary and proper desires? What are the signs that we are too attached to someone or something?

To address questions like these I turn to a great teacher of mine in matters spiritual, Fr. Thomas Dubay. Fr. Dubay died more than seven years ago but left a great legacy of teaching through his books, audio recordings, and programs at EWTN. I would like to summarize what he teaches in his spiritual classic, Fire Within, a book in which he expounds on the teachings of St. Teresa of Avila and St. John of the Cross.

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Why the ‘Son of God’ Movie Does Not Deserve Our Support

These filmmakers, for whatever reason, did not trust the Bible enough to portray it faithfully. They did not trust God, their father, enough to tell the story of His son accurately.

Much like the little attachment-disordered child, who cannot entrust himself to anyone, and who goes through life alone, flexing his power, and yet powerless to receive the love that is offered to him. Radical autonomy of the creature toward the creator is profoundly pathological.

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Plain talk for teens about homosexuality

With the ubiquity of media attention given to same-sex unions, parents will not lack teaching moments. Setting the stage is a good idea. Assure your teenagers that you think that being ordered in respect to sexuality is difficult for everyone; indeed, in our culture, most heterosexuals are out-of-control sexually.

Tell them you would be as reluctant to allow a cohabiting couple to share a bedroom in your home as you would be to allow a homosexual couple to do so. But that, generally, both would be welcome at your dinner table. Mention that you appreciate the dignity and gifts of all human beings; they are all beloved children of God.

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What’s wrong with gay people? Does the Bible run your life?

Q: What’s wrong with gay people? Does the Bible run your life?
Whats so bad about gay people? They aren’t hurting anyone and why should it be your business how someone lives? It’s not like they chose to be gay.

A: “Gay” people are often very nice folks. Unfortunately, the things that they do are seriously disordered, sinful, and contrary to the natural law.

And whether that behavior is genetic or by choice makes absolutely no difference at all.

Lately, gay folks have spent an inordinate amount of time trying to get straight people to accept their deviant lifestyle, as though it was something to be proud of.

It’s not … and we won’t.

Keep it to yourself.