The distinctiveness of Catholicism: A living Tradition, centered on Jesus Christ and his truth.

This irreplaceable center of life then becomes the reference point when we hear from politicians, the media, the guy at the bar, our next-door neighbor. They all claim to speak with certitude. They claim to be true. Some of them will be speaking the truth, others will be partially true, and still other will be wrong – and some will even be deliberately misleading.

When we are dealing with serious topics then we need a reference point. And we have it in Christ in his Church.

Now if we are slaves to the social mode of truth then we are influenced by the company that we gain when we hold a certain idea: This idea makes me part of this club and I want to be associated with them. Only if we push through this social way of choosing ideas to ask the most fundamental question — is this idea true? — do we come face to face with truth itself.

The truth question brings us to Christ and his Church. All of the profound human questions end up right back here, not as just as another news outlet among many but rather as the benchmark for all truth.

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