A Bible Quiz from Bob Stanley at the Catholic Treasure Chest

Here is some food for thought, regarding your Biblical beliefs. See if you can answer these simple questions honestly and truthfully!

Q: How many Churches did Jesus Christ found?

A: He founded only one. See Matthew 16:18 where He used the word “church” (singular) and not churches.

Q: What does Holy Scripture say regarding all of the other churches that Jesus Christ did not found?

A: The Bible clearly says, “Unless the Lord build the house, they labor in vain who build it…” Psalms 127:1. Are you in the one Church that Jesus Christ founded or entrenched in one that fits “they labor in vain who build it”?

Q: Do you believe that the Church which Jesus Christ founded fell into apostasy sometime after the last Apostle died? Can you provide documented proof that this ever happened? Do you have a date and genuine historical documents proving what you have been taught by your church?

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