Tom Monaghan talks about giving away fortune, new hamburger joint and getting to heaven

“I don’t think anybody’s thought more about how to invest their charitable dollars than I have,” he told the audience. “I never found anybody that came up with a better idea than helping people get to heaven.”

Speaking of raising money to further Catholic education at Ave Maria, he said, “It’s not a short-term investment. It’s a very, very, very long-term investment. It’s eternity.”

There were lighter moments, too, as when he drew laughter by saying, “I wanted to be a priest from the time I was in the second grade, until I sat behind Lois in the seventh grade.”

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Name Two Things Dominos Pizza and the Catholic Church Have in Common

1) Tom Monahan (a leading U.S. Catholic … of Dominos and Ave Maria fame).

2) A risky strategy of drastically altering a hugely successful offering (Dominos totally new pizza recipe … and the 2nd Vatican Council).

Domino’s Pizza announced today that it is changing its pizza recipe in just about every possible way. “We’re basically relaunching Domino’s Pizza,” said Russell Weiner, the head of marketing for Domino’s. The move by Domino’s comes on the heels of similar announcements made by General Mills and Campbell, saying that they’ll be altering some of their iconic products. Why are these companies tinkering with what’s proven to be successful for them?

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