The Church is humiliated. Francis is exalted. Fine with him.


“No one knows what the heck this man is thinking. His confused statements are all over the place, and do not make sense at all. He is only able to throw punches in the air when there is no adversary around, but he is nowhere to be seen whenever his words would cause opposition from the world.”

“He manages to be, at times, Catholic when his official orthodoxy (in which we desperately want to believe, or at least we must say so) can be buried in the middle of a 50,000 words mega-statement, never mentioned by the press. But when there is some heated discussion, he invariably chickens out”.

“He shuts up about euthanasia, sodomy and destruction of the family, and the unprecedented affront of the EU report. There’s nothing he would not shut up about, if speaking would make him unpopular”.

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Writer explains how to understand post-Vatican II’s incredibly vague magisterial teachings

We are being told that the black in front of us was black and is now white, but hasn’t ceased being black, and you would know this if you would only juxtapose the former notion of black with what we are now saying is white, and then draw a correct interpretation according to the principles of non-contradiction and non-irrationality. When you do all that, then you will understand what we are saying. Easy as pie, no?

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Billionaire Melinda Gates evidently has a lot in common with Nancy Pelosi

“OK … which one of you had these unauthorized children?”

After Gates said she’d attended a Catholic high school in Dallas, Solomon queried Gates: “Do you think the pope is hurting efforts on behalf of women’s health by preaching against the use of birth control?

Gates responded: “I think we need to have birth-control tools all over the world. And he has a different position on that. But for me, I don’t choose to be part of the Catholic Church based on a particular set of rules he’s got or not. I base it on the faith that I have over time having been part of that church.”

Solomon went on to ask: “As a champion of women’s health, you presumably favor abortion rights?

(Editor’s note: Now for the “double-talk”.)

Gates demurred: “The foundation doesn’t take a position on abortion. We do take a position on reproductive-health tools. Women around the world should have a tool that helps them plan their pregnancies.”

(Editor’s note: The interviewer should have asked if abortion was one of those “tools”.)


My bishop is a liberal. Is that a problem?

Q: My bishop is a liberal. Is that a problem?

A: Other than the obvious political ramifications, which we won’t address here, the answer is, “YES!”

Here’s why:

Liberalism infects the Body of Christ just as an on-line virus infects a computer. Strange, unexpected and inexplicable events typically follow. Most of them bad.

Liberalism is a sign of religious anarchy. Jesus Christ rightly pointed out that no man can serve two masters. The leader of a particular church has a prior commitment to serve God by teaching, sanctifying and governing his people, according to the laws, teachings and Traditions of the Catholic Church.  A liberal mindset is the synthesis of many errors, most or all of them contrary to Church teachings. That means trouble!

Liberals tolerate almost anything (except for orthodoxy). This can make church unity very hard to achieve.

Liberalism is a sin. From a practical standpoint, the tenets of liberalism violate just about every commandment of God, resulting in a tyranny of personal conscience. This would tend to explain why many of the priestly abuse scandals occurred, and why they were so badly mishandled.

Liberalism is the antithesis of truth. Since God’s word is absolute truth, and the dogmas of the Catholic Church are infallible proclamations and explanations of that truth, you can see the obvious conflict here.

Liberalism accepts the false premise that there is one law of God, which applies to Catholics, and another law (not of God) which applies to non-Catholics and secular society, and that both are essentially equal. This gives power to enemies of the Church, and often results in the legalization of evils, like abortion.

Liberals prefer to act stealthily. They often resort to forms of double-talk, indistinct speech and writing, and they always try to avoid being “pinned-down” on any subject. Teaching and promoting the authentic Catholic faith under these constraints is difficult, if not impossible. Credibility and trust suffers. Confusion reigns. (Welcome to the 21st century Catholic Church!)

Liberals incorrectly believe that it is charitable to be non-critical and non-judgmental, even when it comes to essential matters of faith and morality. Calling evil, good and good, evil, in this way, permits scandal and immorality to go virtually unchecked.

Liberals generally fail to teach and promote the authentic Catholic faith. The reasons for this should be clear to all!

National Right to Life on the health care debate: “On government-funded abortion, Obama has duped the news media with head fakes and doubletalk”

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Obama’s Cairo speech proves he’s little more than a fork-tongued Philistine


Barack Obama, the ABORTION President, will obviously stop at nothing to boost his personal world image … even when it comes to betraying his country and throwing our loyal allies to the wolves.

The only problem most people will have is sorting out the lies from the truth, since Obama rarely says what he means, and he also rarely does what he says.

If you haven’t yet figured out that Obama is attempting to install himself as the new “moral” leader of the entire world, than you simply haven’t been paying attention!

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