You can receive a little bit of The Catechism of the Catholic Church on your smartphone or mobile device, or via email every day.

When Lindsay Rigby hears her phone beep in the wee hours of the morning, she knows it isn’t a work e-mail or a friend messaging her about going out for lunch. The little beep indicates that the rich tradition of the 2,000-year-old Catholic Church is being delivered to her iPhone.

Rigby, 30, is participating in an online initiative that invites Catholics to “Read the Catechism in a Year” through e-mails. The initiative was started by Flocknote, a Texas-based web site designed to make communication in Catholic parishes simple and effective.

The web site has divided the catechism up over a year and e-mails a section to participants each day. Signing up is free and so far more than 75,000 people from around the world are participating, including Ottawa’s Rigby.


Instantly send a message to your Congressmen – easy and free

Dear Friend,
Congress again is preparing to vote on health care reform. At this stage, it is difficult to predict how votes might unfold. It is very important that the language in the House-passed bill preventing abortion funding—the Stupak-Pitts Amendment—be incorporated in its essential features as a part of any final bill.

Votes could occur at any time. Please click on the link below to send a message to House and Senate Members! Act now!

What has happened up to this point in the health care reform debate? The U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate have passed different bills. On the question of preventing abortion funding, the House language is good, the Senate language is unacceptable. Outside the abortion context, neither bill has adequate conscience protection for health care providers, plans or employers.

What’s next? The two chambers need to agree on a final bill. It is not clear how this will be achieved. There is discussion of using a reconciliation bill, a budget measure that in the Senate cannot be filibustered and needs only 51 votes to pass.

Analyses of the House and Senate-passed bills can be found on our website at:

Thank you for all you do in support of life!
Michael Taylor
Executive Director

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Archbishop Chaput of Denver shares a Health Care Bill email with us

What the hell don’t you understand about the term separatin [sic] of Church and State. Keep your evil hands off of our Health Care Bill. Mind your own business. We don’t care about your beliefs, and if you want to meddle in our affairs, we will be coming for you. If that’s how you want to play, we will come for your pedophile priests, your ill-gotten money you stole for decades. The Catholic church is just another organized crime syndicate that should be put out of business. Get the f–k away from Congress, or you will regret it … .

That’s a real e-mail from a real person.  The man who sent it last week was either very candid or very foolish about his anger: he added his real name and e-mail address.  I’ve withheld them here because I like to hope that most people, or at least many of them, are better than the poisonous things they sometimes write. But this e-mail does teach a useful lesson, because it’s not just a case of a random bigot getting in touch with his inner bully.  Instead, it’s a snapshot of the anti-Catholic bitterness that drives some of the loudest voices in the current health-care debate.

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I just got an email from David Axelrod at the White House


I just got en email from David Axelrod, at the White House.  It seems that some people don’t believe some of the things that the Obama administration would like us to believe. To wit:

  • CEA Chair Christina Romer details how health insurance reform will impact small businesses.
  • Domestic Policy Council Director Melody Barnes tackles a nasty rumor about euthanasia and clearly describes how reform helps families.
  • Matt Flavin, the White House’s Director of Veterans and Wounded Warrior Policy, clears the air about Veteran’s benefits.
  • Kavita Patel, M.D., a doctor serving in the White House’s Office of Public Engagement, explains that health care rationing is happening right now and how reform gives control back to patients and doctors.
  • Bob Kocher, M.D., a doctor serving on the National Economic Council, debunks the myth that health insurance reform will be financed by cutting Medicare benefits.

Christina Romer fails to mention that the new health bill will make small businesses pay for a program that they do not have the money to afford. In fact, small business will probably be the group most most negatively affected by the health bill … at least financially.

Melody Barnes asks us to assume that the government will act honorably to preserve and protect life at all stages, when the government already fails (miserably and intentionally) to do so, now. 

Matt Flavin has the audacity to speak about veteran’s benefits, while the government has been rationing care, denying necessary procedures, and making veterans wait, wait, and wait some more, while lobbying to make veterans PAY for their benefits.

Kavita Patel, M.D.does indeed explain that health care rationing is occurring right now. Unfortunately, the good doctor fails miserably to give us any hope that things won’t get much, much worse under a government program … especially in light of the existing massive financial problems with Medicare and Social Security that have as yet never been either addressed or resolved.

Bob Kocher, M.D.  does a  nice job explaining why Medicare benefit cuts will not be used to finance the new health plan, but fails to mention that EVERY tax payer will be forced to pay much, much more, to cover the cost.   

David, please ask President Obama to give us a good bill, instead of propaganda!    

Tired of those emails that you’re supposed to forward to 10 friends?

Tired of those emails that you’re supposed to forward to 10 friends?

Subject: Sick of it

For those of you who are sick of getting emails that tell you to
forward it to at least X number of people in the next 15 minutes … that
wonderful things and miracles will happen if you do … or there will be
serious consequences if you don’t, then you will enjoy this.
Make sure your volume control is turned up. 

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