Accused Father John Corapi: Open, public scandal … or a simple employee/employer dispute?

By Doug Lawrence

As the dust begins to settle from the recent Father Corapi allegations, I can’t help thinking that his suspension from priestly ministry was not only hasty, but also unwarranted.

What we have here appears to be more like a typical employee/employer dispute.

In such cases, it would be very, very rare for the affected “business” to be shut down, while necessary inquiries are made. But this is essentially what happened to Father Corapi, when his superior arbitrarily decided to suspend him from ministry.

Of course, Father Corapi’s ministry … and his business … are rather unusual … since few, if any Catholic priests operate as he does.

One would not normally expect the superior of a religious order to have to consider “business consequences” in his deliberations, but the simple fact is … “Father Corapi Inc.” … constitutes a major business enterprise that regularly serves the spiritual needs of thousands and thousands of good, faithful people, all around the world. And right now, many of those souls (especially the ones holding tickets for the long anticipated … now canceled … De Kalb, Illinois speaking engagement) are very, very hurt and upset.

I can’t help thinking that this could have been handled differently … and in a much better way.

It also makes me wonder if the apostle’s first response to the descent of the Holy Spirit, at Pentecost … was to cover their asses! (Please excuse the unavoidable crudeness.)

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