Voris: Moral and Political Corruption Is A Big Problem With Catholic Clergy As Well As the LCWR Sisters

As much as many protest .. it is certainly obvious by now .. that whether they intend to or not .. whether they support him or not .. too many US bishops have become carriers of the Obama virus.

This same plague has infected a large number of women religious as we already know .. but those women are not alone.

While many of the nuns are out and out supporters of Obama as we saw at the democratic convention last week .. a large number of bishops have become enablers for his moral evils.

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Why there can be no real “civility” when it comes to abortion

It is incontrovertible that abortion stops a beating heart and that such stoppage is the desired outcome when abortions are performed. (In other words, the abortionist’s goal is to still the beating heart of the developing baby and the goal of the mother who enters the clinic is to leave knowing that the baby will not come to term.)

To put it yet another way:
an abortionist is a heart stopper,
and the mother who gives the abortionist a heart to stop
is an enabler.

Even now, I am overwhelmed by the spiritual, psychological, and physiological ramifications of this most basic aspect of abortion. But these words need to be typed because this primary goal of abortion is too often over-looked. Instead of being central to the debate it is like a golf ball lost in the tall grass of the rhetoric and dogma I mentioned earlier.

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