Some say the fetus is a human life. Others say it is a blob of cells. The average member of the human family, nay, the most uninvolved, unconcerned bystander in the universe would say, “Look and see.”

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The USCCB, and bishops across the United States, should take note of this….

Your excellencies, the overwhelming vast majority of Catholic bloggers ARE NOT your enemies. We are your nearest allies. Nobody will rise to your defense faster, and more ferociously, than we Catholic bloggers when you exercise your episcopal authority to protect God’s flock from the wolves in sheeps’ clothing. Do your job dear shepherds, and we will come to your aid. This you can be sure of.

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Father Corapi has many fans … but also many enemies.

With his ex-military persona and baritone, no nonsense lectures on traditional Catholic catechism, Corapi has won legions of fans, but also many enemies, especially from Catholics who prefer social justice sloganeering to faith and practice.

Corapi’s sudden suspension was triggered by the “Dallas Charter,” adopted by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops in 2002 to deal with priests accused of sexually abusing children. Pending investigation, the charter essentially sacks a priest from ministry.

“The policy the bishops have in place is to appropriately deal with crimes against children,” Manfredonia said. “I think if the policy is applied to those cases, absolutely it’s appropriate to suspend. But this situation, it’s not that. It’s a claim of sexual misconduct with adult women. It’s not a crime, it’s a sin.”

“If it happened, then it’s behavior unbecoming of a priest. We know father personally and have had eight conferences with him personally, and he’s a fighter. If these allegations were true, he would admit his failures, openly. I have no doubt about that. Even if the accusations are true, it does not diminish the truth of what he teaches from the Catechism, or the Catechism’s power, if preached with the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, to draw people back to the church.”

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Pope: The sin within the church is terrifying source of persecutions and scandals.

Many churchmen trying to defend Pope Benedict in recent months have pointed to what they see as an orchestrated campaign against the Catholic Church and the pope in particular. But Benedict said today the worst attacks don’t come from outside but from within.

“We see it today in a terrifying way,” Benedict told reporters as we flew with him to Portugal. “The greatest persecution of the Church doesn’t come from the enemies outside, but is born from sin inside the Church.”

The Pope’s comments on the plane – a clear reference to the sex abuse crisis currently rocking the Catholic Church — were some of his strongest since his March letter to the Catholics of Ireland. They also echoed a meditation he had given on Good Friday of 2005, when he was still a cardinal, in which he referred to so much “filth” in the Catholic Church.

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