What we need now is a separation of the “Church of Abortion” and state. Or at least, a level playing field.

Now that it appears the liberal/progressive “Church of Abortion” managed to keep their $300 million Planned Parenthood subsidy, it’s high time the “settled” legal precedent of separation of church and state was expanded to cover activities by organizations that “look and “act” like traditional churches, and/or have their own particular ideologies and creeds.

The liberal “sacrament” of abortion
appears to be at the very center
of all today’s progressive causes.

It’s high time the Supreme Court took note … and got to work providing “equal justice” under the law … in order to deny government funding to Planned Parenthood and all such “quasi” secular churches … no matter their stated purpose or intent.

Either that, or permit equal and unrestricted, level playing field, government funding/support … or the lack of it … for all “church” type organizations … whether they be real … or merely, simulated.

It’s only fair!