The Mass is a sacrifice because Jesus, the one time, once for all, holy sacrifice for the sins of the world becomes truly present for us there, on the altar.


Why have sacrifices pretty much died out everywhere, yet it remains within Catholicism? Because the cross of Christ is the “one, full, final sacrifice”. On the cross the sacrificial systems of the world were fulfilled. All was completed. The Mass is the daily remembrance of that one, full, final sacrifice. Through the mystery of the Mass we bring that completed sacrifice into the present moment and apply it’s graces to our needs today.

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In a nutshell: How divine redemption works.

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The Mass: Makes Present Jesus Christ’s Singular, Perfect and Eternal Sacrifice

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Suddenly! The way in which God works …



Is The Way In Which GOD Works…

The ways of GOD are sudden and without warning.

A miracle happens. A vision or a locution is bestowed upon someone. A loved one is taken.

GOD does not normally give prior notice of what he is about to do.

One noticeable exception to this general rule was the great ‘Miracle of the Sun’ at Fatima on October 13, 1917.

It was revealed ahead of time by GOD through the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Some people live their entire lives without serving GOD in any way and seem to think that on their death bed they will repent and make their peace with Him.

We must all be prepared to go at anytime. Look what happened to Princess Diana, Princess Grace, John F. Kennedy, and many others who were taken without warning.

Were they all prepared and in GOD’S grace and ready to go?

If we are going on a trip in this life, do we not prepare for it a long time in advance?

Why then do so many not prepare for their final eternal trip, the only trip that really matters?

Courtesy of Bob Stanley at the Catholic Treasure Chest

Biblical Evidence For One, Continuous, Perpetual, and Catholic Church

Biblical Evidence For One, Continuous, Perpetual, and Catholic Church

Jesus Christ founded ONE Church.

1. Did it all come to an end shortly after the last Apostle died? Some non-Catholics say it did.
2. Was the Church which Jesus Christ founded left to flounder as a ship caught in a tempest, rudderless, and with no one at the helm?
3. Is there no continuity between the primitive Church which Jesus Christ founded and His Church of today?
4. Is that the way that Jesus Christ left His Church?

Well if you are the least bit Bible savvy, the one answer to all of the above questions is a resounding NO!

Holy Scripture clearly shows CONTINUITY of the ONE Church that Jesus Christ founded, right from the day He founded it until this present day, and even into the future … until the end of time.

I will show you the proof and I will do it from Holy Scripture …

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Submitted by Bob Stanley