Archbishop Chaput: Professional Liturgical Establishment Shaped Liturgy According to World (Big Mistake!)

by Shawn Tribe

By way of Catholic News Agency (and in turn first noticed by way of Luke Coppen) we read of a lecture delivered by Archbishop Charles Chaput at the Liturgical Institute of Mundelein. Here is a taste:

The archbishop said Chicago priest Fr. Robert Barron is one of the few to have wrestled with such issues. For him, the liturgy is not to be shaped according to modern suppositions; rather, the liturgy should “question and shape the suppositions of any age.” While modern man is probably incapable of the liturgical act, this is no grounds for despair. Instead, we should “let the liturgy be itself,” the priest has said.

Archbishop Chaput agreed with Fr. Barron that in recent decades the “professional liturgical establishment” chose to shape the liturgy according to the world, which has proven to be “a dead end.” Seeking relevance through “a kind of relentless cult of novelty” has only resulted in confusion and division between the faithful and the true spirit of the liturgy, continued the archbishop.


To this end, the Archbishop of Denver offered several suggestions: the need to recover the “intrinsic and inseparable connection” between liturgy and evangelization; the need to see the liturgy as a participation in the “liturgy of heaven” where Christians worship “in Spirit and truth” with the Church and the communion of the saints; and the need to recover and live the early Christians’ “vibrant liturgical and evangelical spirituality.”

“Liturgy is both the source of the Church’s mission and its goal,” explained the prelate. “The reason we evangelize is in order to bring people into communion with the living God in the Eucharistic liturgy. And this experience of communion with God, in turn, impels us to evangelize.”

Source: Catholic News Agency (CNA)

17th Century ‘Lady in Blue’ Instructs Indians in the Southwest – Without Leaving Spain

An Abbess living in Spain bilocates to America

Her extraordinary bilocations to the New World were a source of wonder to the Spanish Church and Crown. The authenticity of the miracle of her more than 500 visits to America was carefully examined and documented by the proper authorities to ensure that there was no fraud or error. She was also carefully examined twice by the Inquisition in the years 1635 and 1650.

In his Memorial of 1630, a report on the state of the missions and colony, Fr. Benavides made a precise account of the Indians who had been instructed by the “Lady in Blue.” His Memorial of 1634, written after he had met and visited with Mother Mary of Agreda in 1631, also describes that meeting and his favorable impressions of the Conceptionist Abbess (see Part Two). When he left Agreda, Fr. Benavides asked Mary of Agreda to write a letter addressed to the missionaries of the New World. Her words inspired religious to labor in the American missionary fields for many years to come.

That Mary of Agreda played an influential role in our country is undeniable. Some years later Fr. Eusebio Kino found old Indians in New Mexico and Arizona who told stories about how a beautiful white woman dressed in blue had spoken to them about the Catholic Faith. Fr. Junipero Serra wrote that it was the “Seraphic Mother Mary of Jesus” who had inspired him to work in the vineyard of the Lord in California. (1)

Today Mother Mary of Agreda is better known for her momentous work on the life of the Blessed Virgin Mary, The Mystical City of God. Perhaps one reason that American Catholics know so little about her well-documented bilocations to America is because for centuries Friar Benavides’ Memorials were concealed in the Archives of the Propaganda Fide in Rome and unknown to the English speaking world. His expanded 1634 Memorial was only translated into English and made available to the public in 1945. (2) Many of the details from this article were taken from that document, as well as from several scholarly articles on the topic. (3)

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Some U.S. Jews protest Catholic document on salvation


The incredibly vague, wrong-headed, and misleading post-Vatican II position of many Catholic church leaders regarding the status of the Jews in relation to the New Covenant promises of Jesus Christ and the Church, form the back drop for the latest political move by Jewish extremists.

A substantial percentage of Jewish people have always rejected the Gospel of salvation in Jesus Christ … and that’s their prerogative … but now it seems that some Jews would like the Gospel set aside, modified, and/or “dumbed down” in order to suit their particular beliefs.

Particularly troubling to these folks is the fact that the Catholic Church has always officially taught that the old Mosaic Covenant of the Jews was never capable of saving a soul … nor was it intended to … and that salvation is only typically and freely obtained by faithful allegiance to Jesus Christ, in and through his Catholic Church … which remains the universal sacrament of salvation for all.

All are invited to become Catholic … Jew … Gentile … without exception … since thanks to Jesus Christ … the  Catholic Church remains the ONLY “ark” of salvation. To do anything else would be anti-semetic … un-charitable … and in total opposition to Jesus’ “Great Commission”.

Matthew 28:18-20 And Jesus coming, spoke to them, saying: All power is given to me in heaven and in earth. Going therefore, teach ye all nations: baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.

Such is the true, enduring message of the Gospel … like it or not!

Up until the last forty years or so, the Church’s teachings and actions on this matter had been crystal clear. This is a non-negotiable position that has never changed … and never will … despite the modernist errors promoted by some of today’s politically correct Catholic clerics … and some others.

The Jewish extremists ought to hire a good Catholic theological consultant before they go off on one of their rants. It might save a whole lot of time, trouble, and frustration … and maybe even their souls.

Jesus saves … through his universal (Catholic) New Covenant Church. If Moses and the Old Covenant were indeed sufficient, then Jesus could have saved himself a whole lot of time and trouble! 

It’s that simple.

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New Book by Charles Colson: “The Faith”


Chuck Colson isn’t Catholic … but he’s close.

Charles Colson has a new book out that attempts to define and explain the fundamental truths that are shared by virtually all Christians.

Then he goes on to present his case, explaining that society wouldn’t be nearly as “messed up” as it is today, if all Christians everywhere, were willing and able to practically and charitably apply, promote, and defend their faith … at home, in the workplace, and in all the various societal and governmental institutions.

Around the first of this year, the Vatican also released a document encouraging widespread evangelization, by all of the faithful, all of the time.

This isn’t as radical as it may sound, but it certainly is counter-cultural, just like authentic Christianity has always been.  

Next time you’re at the bookstore, find a copy of Colson’s book, and thumb through it.

I bet you’ll find a lot of Catholic stuff in there … even if it’s not labeled as such.

Order a copy from Amazon.

“Flowcharts” are great tools for Evangelization


 Bob Stanley’s “The Catholic Treasure Chest” has a great section on “flowcharts” that clearly details virtually all the most important truths of the Catholic faith.

You’ll also find a complete basic course on Catholicism, under this section. 

Just click the above link, to go there.