Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin: “Violence in our society should never be tolerated.”

So … when is Planned Parenthood going to stop slaughtering helpless babies? As if chopping up little babies and/or vacuuming them out of their mother’s womb isn’t a violent act?


Japan Nuclear Reactor May Be in Meltdown


Japanese nuclear authorities said Saturday afternoon that a nuclear reactor about 150 miles north of Tokyo may be experiencing a meltdown after Friday’s massive earthquake damaged its cooling systems.

Authorities said they were pouring water into the Fukushima Daiichi No. 1 nuclear reactor to stop the meltdown.

Earlier, radiation leaked out of one of the nation’s nuclear-power plants early Saturday morning after Friday’s earthquake caused a power outage that disabled its cooling system, and new problems were reported at another plant nearby.

The utility also said Saturday that the fuel rods could be suffering damage, a scenario that could raise the chances of unplanned radioactive releases.

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Fascinating Presentation on Our Lady of Guadalupe and the Tilma


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