Day one of the Chicago area “Face the Truth” Tour

We had an excellent first day of the Tour.

God is good, the weather fantastic. The boys and I were approached by a man wanting to know our feelings about a women who became pregnant by rape. He knew of a 14 year old girl who was gang raped by her father’s friends, while her father did nothing.

As terrible as the story is, it has little to do with the killing of her baby. I told him that killing her child will only add to the pain and horror, it may also leave her sterile, and could have other affects on her such as breast cancer, psychological damage or even death!.

I wish I told him that by killing the baby, you are only enabling the perpetrators to do the same. He didn’t want to hear it. Eventually, I started following him until he turned and went into a liquor store. Later, I thought to myself, why didn’t this man get the police involved? He seemed so concerned. Mercy!

Other than that, a great lunch was provided by St. Mary’s in Plainfield. Tomorrow will be a great day in Aurora/Naperville!

Photo and text submitted by Nancy W.

Pro Life Action League’s Message at Notre Dame: “Obama = Abortion”


League’s Message at Notre Dame: “Obama = Abortion”

The Pro-Life Action League rallied hundreds of faithful pro-lifers from the Chicago area to join in a massive protest of President Barack Obama’s commencement address at the University of Notre Dame on May 17. Four full bus-loads—well over 200 volunteers—were joined by hundreds of others who drove on their own, as well as three busses of volunteers from Citizens for a Pro-Life Society in Michigan.

Together, these hundreds of pro-lifers sent a clear message to both the University of Notre Dame and President Obama (the ABORTION President) that abortion is an abominable betrayal of both the Catholic principle of the sanctity of life and the American principle of an inalienable right to life.

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