The only fair way for the government to grant unrestricted abortion rights is to make murder legal, across the board.

by Doug Lawrence

Forget the Commandment, “Thou Shall Not Kill.” Forget the ongoing argument over capital punishment. Forget the distinctions drawn by all the various abortion laws and statutes. Forget defining when life begins. Forget the Supreme Court.

The only fair way for the government to grant unrestricted abortion rights is to make murder legal … any time … and for any reason. Simply decriminalize the capital crime of murder!

That’s what we’re already doing with abortion … and that’s what is already happening with victims of street violence in certain parts of Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, Philadelphia, Detroit, Washington DC, and in many other places around the globe.

It’s also already happening in the organ transplant wards of many of today’s hospitals, where clinical “death” is being constantly redefined in order to free up more and better quality organs for transplant.

And of course, citizens of the Netherlands (and elsewhere) have already been granted the right to kill friends and relatives who may have outlived their usefulness … with virtually no questions asked!

This is really the only logical way “forward”. Any true “progressive” would agree … and the rest of you simply don’t matter!

There is one thing that should still be legally required of abortuaries, though.

Abortuaries ought to be required to dispose of all the aborted babies … and any mothers not fortunate enough to survive the procedure … in on-site, oven-style crematories, equipped with very tall, very “dirty”chimneys … so that everyone living in the surrounding neighborhood might be able to regularly enjoy the human “fallout” wafting gently down from above … and doing so … come to a deeper appreciation of all the ways our society benefits from “a woman’s right to choose”.

It might go something like this:

Child to mother: What’s that falling from the sky, mother? 

Mother replies: Oh, nothing. They’re just burning up some more aborted babies. (Wheeze!)

Child to mother: Will I be able to kill my baby when I grow up? 

Mother replies: Certainly, dear. It’s our right!

Child: Oh, goody! (Cough, cough!)

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Minnesota homosexuals reject Catholic church’s attempt to help them

Gay and lesbian Roman Catholics who contact the Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis for spiritual guidance can find themselves directed toward programs aimed at helping them become celibate (chaste).

Evidently, this upsets some local homosexual activists.

Editor’s note: Every unmarried Catholic, whether gay or straight, is expected to remain chaste, refraining from any type of sexual activity, under pain of grave sin. The Church really has no choice in the matter, which has been settled for around 2000 years.

Furthermore, the rules governing the sacrament of reconciliation require both contrition for sin, as well as a good faith effort at authentic repentance. Absent both of these, it is impossible to make a good confession, and impossible to receive valid absolution for one’s sins.

This is why the church counsels chastity for all those who request help, since chastity is the first step towards repentance, while true contrition and at least a firm purpose of repentance is required in order for sins to be forgiven.

Again, the same rules apply to gay and straight, alike.

What could be more fair?