Many CCD teachers resort to arts and crafts because of a genuine fear and ignorance in teaching the Catholic faith to students.

St. Augustine-the Father of Catechetics describes catechizing the ignorant in this way:

The best method for instructing ignorant men in Christian doctrine, one that will bear much fruit is to ask questions in a friendly fashion after the explanation; from this questioning one can learn whether each one understood what he heard or whether the explanation needs repeating.

In order that the learner grasp the matter, we must ascertain by questioning whether the one being catechized has understood, and in accordance with his response, we must either explain more clearly and fully or not dwell further on what is known to them etc.

But if a man is very slow, he must be mercifully helped and the most necessary doctrines especially should be briefly imparted to him.

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Editor’s note: St. Augustine figured this out way back around the 4th century. What a shame the Catholic Church threw out all the old, thoroughly proven ways when, for reasons known only to God, it decided to liberalize the church.

An evening of Catholic faith formation for men – June 10 – Orland Park – Our Lady of the Woods church

Operation Formation (PDF) June 2010 flyer

Thy Kingdom Come!

Catholic Men of SW Suburban Chicago will meet at Our Lady of the Woods, 10731 West 131st Street, Orland Park on Thursday, June 10th for Operation Formation – an evening of faith formation.  This event is organized by Regnum Christi Men of Chicagoland and open to all Catholic men.

The evening will include a directed meditation, Mass and time for networking plus a special guest speaker.  Refreshments by Nancy’s Pizza will be provided.  We will be in by 6:30 p.m. and out by 9 p.m.  Mark your calendars now.  June 10, 2010 is closer than you think.  Bring a friend.

Be sure to post the announcement in your parish bulletin.  All Catholic men are invited to attend.

Submitted by Allen P.