Who Are These Fake Catholic Groups?

By Anne Hendershott

Some of the biggest supporters of the current health reform bill—replete with public funding for abortion—are self-described “progressive” Catholic organizations, such as Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good, Catholics United, and Catholic Democrats. These Catholic organizations, along with the Catholic Health Association have created confusion for Catholics because at the same time the USCCB has strongly opposed the current health care reform bill because of its inclusion of public funding for abortion, these  Catholic organizations are providing “official” Catholic support for the bill.

This duplicity should surprise no one.  In 2008, these so-called Catholic organizations encouraged Catholics to elect Obama because he would reduce the rate of abortion by addressing poverty as the “root cause.” Supporting and publishing a study by a Notre Dame professor which erroneously claimed that the data demonstrate that reducing poverty reduces abortion, they convinced many Catholics to support Obama’s strategy.  Unfortunately, the study was quietly removed from the Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good website after the election when its faulty methodology and erroneous conclusions were pointed out by several social scientists. Professor Bailey, the first author of the initial study, removed his name from the revised report. Joseph Wright remains as the sole author—and is listed as Chairman of the Board of Catholics United on the Form 990 EZ submitted by the organization in 2007.

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Seen on the web: Don’t be fooled by the Obama’s administration’s Catholic rhetoric

Don’t be fooled by these “political catholics” who use their “catholicism”, when it fits thier agenda. Obama, BY HIS ACTIONS, not his empty rhetoric, is the most anti-catholic president this country has ever known.

Go to You Tube and look up “Obama’s Catholic Plan.”


Furthermore, this is the same Pope (with an IQ of almost 200 and world renown theologian), who told us “Black Liberation Theology, i.e, Rev. Wright, is “DISGUISED MARXISM.”

Obama greatly benefits from poorly catechized American Catholics, and has big anti-catholic George Soros funded the “fake” Catholic groups.

Obama’s agenda re: American Catholicsm: DIVIDE AND CONQUER

Make no mistake that the goal of the Obama administration is to “UNDO” the “Big bad Catholic Church.”

Source: U.S. News and World Report