Why are abortion clinics closing if they are only losing 3% of their income?


Planned Parenthood likes to trumpet that abortion only accounts for less than 3% of it’s services rendered, usually shouting louder in election years, but this is simply not true.

It’s been proven time and time and time and time and time again that this is a clever classification system which misrepresents the actual truth; abortion is what they do and how they make their money. Planned parenthood also likes to claim that most of the abortions they perform are in the first trimester, which makes the number a lot smaller than 3%.

So far three Planned Parenthood clinics have shut down because they’ve chosen not to comply with the law.  I’m no business genius, but shouldn’t any business be able to withstand a three percent loss in income– at any time? Doesn’t the income of most companies fluctuate at least three percent between seasons? When has any business shut down over a three percent loss in services rendered?

The abortion centers in Texas can’t have it both ways. Either they are the abortionists who also do pap smears and std testing, or they are a heartless corporation which would rather abandon women than take on a 3% loss of income.


Irish shocker: Official McAleese Report found not a single incident of sexual abuse by a nun in a Magdalene laundry. Not one.

In the Irish mind, and in the minds of everyone else who has seen or read one of the many films, plays and books about the Magdalene laundries, these were horrific institutions brimming with violence and overseen by sadistic, pervy nuns.

Yet the McAleese Report found not a single incident of sexual abuse by a nun in a Magdalene laundry. Not one. Also, the vast majority of its interviewees said they were never physically punished in the laundries. As one woman said, “It has shocked me to read in papers that we were beat and our heads shaved and that we were badly treated by the nuns… I was not touched by any nun and I never saw anyone touched.”

The small number of cases of corporal punishment reported to McAleese consisted of the kind of thing that happened in many normal schools in the 1960s, 70s and 80s: being caned on the legs or rapped on the knuckles.

The authors of the McAleese Report, having like the rest of us imbibed the popular image of the Magdalene laundries as nun-run concentration camps, seem to have been taken aback by “the number of women who spoke positively about the nuns”.

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Don’t believe the “experts” who claim “Plan B” emergency contraception doesn’t cause abortions!

According to Chris Kahlenborn, M.D., internist and founder/president of The Polycarp Research Institute:

In her recent article on emergency contraception, Pam Belluck cited authorities who claim that Plan B does not work by preventing implantation (i.e., early abortion). That’s a very disputable claim. The reality is that if Plan B is given close to the time of ovulation, it has little efficacy in preventing ovulation, and any efficacy would likely be due to an abortifacient effect.

This research is supported (ironically) by Dr. Croxatto — an advocate for Plan B — who found that levonorgestrel (Plan B) given within 48 hours of ovulation only definitely stopped ovulation in 12 percent of cases (Croxatto et al, Contraception 2004; 442-450.)

Bottom line:

Plan B works likely at times by causing an early abortion, and the claim that it effectively stops ovulation or fertilization is not supported by the medical literature. Plan B should be labeled what it in fact is: an abortion pill.

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