The Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice = The Religious Coalition for Abortion Rights = Major Scandal and Sin


A small book, “Holy Abortion?: A Theological Critique of the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice” does an exquisite job of explicating the “yawning gap” (as one reviewer put it) that exists between the abortion position espoused by the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice (RCRC) and various mainstream religious denominations who list themselves as supporters of RCRC.

Like NARAL, RCRC has gone through a name change. Founded in 1973, it was then known as the Religious Coalition for Abortion Rights.

But whatever the name, what gives RCRC its influence (as authors Professor Michael J. Gorman and Ann Loar Brooks write) is that
“Nearly 40 national organizations from Christian and Jewish denominations, movements, and faith-based groups, as well as Unitarian, humanist and ethical associations, now make up its membership.”

Among that group the real muscle is provided by four mainline Protestant denominations – – the Episcopal Church (USA), the Presbyterian Church (USA), the United Church of Christ, and the United Methodist Church.

For those of us who belong to one of these denominations, it is a constant source of irritation and spiritual exasperation that they are yoked to an organization for which there is no such thing as an unacceptable abortion. At the least a trial separation is in order, in anticipation of a final parting of the ways.

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Why Freemasonry and the principles of Masonic associations have always been considered irreconcilable with the doctrine of the Catholic Church.

Many if not all of the doctrines and practices of Freemasonry are at odds with the Catholic faith. Here are just three:

  • Universalism: Freemasonry teaches that the only requirements for salvation are performing good works and believing in a deity of some kind. All religions are equally valid, and mention of Christ is forbidden in the lodge.
  • False oaths: Every Masonic candidate must make an oath to freemasonry and its secrets, under pain of death or self-mutilation, and this while not even knowing all the “secrets” to which he is taking an oath.
  • Anti-Catholicism: Most Masons of low degree never experience this, but once one advances to the 30th degree, the anti-Catholic nature of Freemasonry is revealed. Upon initiation to this degree, the person crushes with his foot the papal tiara and the royal crown, and swears to free mankind “from the bondage of Despotism and the thralldom of spiritual tyranny.” The history of the Masons, especially in Europe, is filled with aggression and political upheaval for the sake of suppressing Catholicism.

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Christians: why do you think people can become convinced of a false religion?

Q: Christians: why do you think people can become convinced of a false religion? Also, how do you know you’ve avoided this?

A: People are weak, sinful, and foolish. Fortunately … people are also capable of learning from their mistakes … especially as they get older.

After “hanging around” for some 40 years, I began a personal 10 year study of virtually every world religion, their origins and their claims.

I chose Catholicism because no other faith on earth is as truthful, authentic, meticulously documented, or more practical in its’ application.

The Catholic faith is also not dependent upon any particular person or thing … living or dead … except for Jesus Christ … true man and true, eternal God … who is also the Savior of mankind … and the “head” of the Catholic Church.

Almost two thousand years of systematic Catholic theology and scholarship concisely explains it. All of it is logical and clear. Relatively few “leaps of faith” are required, and that makes very good sense, to me.

In my opinion, nobody is likely to find anything better, this side of Heaven.

You should try it.