Government funding will pump unprecedented amounts of new cash into Planned Parenthood, others, greatly expanding the abortion industry


Presently, an abortion might cost anywhere from $400 to $4000 dollars, depending on whether the woman has health insurance, or not. When insurance is available, abortion fees tend to increase to the maximum that’s payable under the health plan , in order to maximize the abortionist’s profits.

Imagine how many new abortion clinics might instantly pop up if a $1,000 procedure suddenly became a $10,000 one!

And what’s to prevent an abortion friendly government from wildly increasing the reimbursement rate for abortions, in order to expand the industry in an attempt to “normalize” and promote it, much as they did with all those ill considered Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac home mortgages?

A $20,000 abortion is not hard to imagine, especially in light of what we already know about the wildly inflated prices of government funded hammers and toilet seats.

Government funded abortion is not health care. It’s simply another ill-considered attempt at social engineering that will further weaken the already failing fabric of our society.

If you think the recent financial collapse was bad, wait until your government tries doing the same thing with our “human capital”!

Contact your elected representatives in Congress and tell them that any new government health care plan must NOT include abortion funding.