Details of woman’s death at the hands of Chicago’s Planned Parenthood come to light

The myth of safe and legal abortion

An autopsy report on a woman who died after an abortion at a Chicago-area Planned Parenthood business confirms that she was bleeding uncontrollably and never awoke from an emergency surgery to try to save her life.


A Most Mysterious Moment of Mercy

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Britain-based Marie Stopes International announced it did 920,000 abortions in 43 countries in 2009.

London, England ( — As the Marie Stopes International abortion business begins running abortion ads on television in England tonight, news surfaces that a woman in India died from a botched legal abortion at an MSI abortion center. She is one of several women to have died recently in India from failed abortions.

According to the Republica newspaper, a woman identified as Durga Devi Khadka went to a Marie Stopes center for an abortion of her 10-week-old unborn child.

She died at the MSI facility located in Damak Municipality-15 of Jhapa district on Sunday night.

Her family members told the newspaper they blame the “shoddy” practices and abortion practitioner at the Marie Stopes abortion business. Police have detained Chitra Bahadur Karki, the owner of the abortion center, for an investigation.

The abortion death comes as MSI is running new abortion commercials on Channel 4, despite criticism from pro-life groups and a potential legal challenge.