Video of John Corapi’s priestly ordination by Pope John Paul II in the Vatican

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Deep pockets: Father Corapi was awarded almost three milion dollars in a 2005 medical malpractice lawsuit.

In 2002, Corapi received a heart catheterization and other tests from the hospital’s cardiology chief, Dr. Chae Hyun Moon. The doctor insisted he needed immediate open-heart surgery, Corapi said in court documents and in interviews.

Corapi told investigators he postponed the surgery for a week and traveled to Las Vegas, where four heart specialists tested him, examined him and told him he was perfectly healthy.

Corapi notified the FBI.

In October 2002, acting on Corapi’s allegations and other complaints of unnecessary procedures, a team of FBI agents raided the Butte Street hospital.

The raid, which drew national headlines and a “60 Minutes” expose, sent the stock of the hospital’s parent company, Tenet Healthcare Corp., tumbling.

In subsequent years, Tenet, the doctors and their insurance companies paid out a half-billion dollars in criminal and civil settlements. No charges ever were filed, and the doctors maintained their innocence.

Moon’s medical license was stripped by the Medical Board of California in 2007.

Two cardiac surgeons, Kent Brusett and Fidel Realyvasquez Jr., were placed on probation by the medical board but were allowed to keep practicing.

The hospital since has been sold twice, and its name was changed to Shasta Regional Medical Center.

In 2005, Corapi was awarded $2.7 million in a whistle-blower lawsuit.


Novena for Father Corapi begins March 25th

Novena for the Fr. Corapi Ordeal – March 25 to April 2

(Feast of the Annunciation to the Anniversary of Pope John Paul II’s passing)

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Efficacious Novena To The Sacred Heart Of Jesus

(This novena prayer was recited every day by Padre Pio for all those who asked his prayers)

I. My Jesus, You have said, ‘Truly I say to you, ask and it will be given you, seek and you will find, knock and it will be opened to you.’ Through the intercession of Mary, Your holy Mother, I knock, I seek and ask that my prayer be granted. (here, mention your request) ____________

Our Father…

Hail Mary…

Glory be to the Father…

Sacred Heart of Jesus, I place all my trust in you.

II. O my Jesus, You have said, ‘Truly I say to you, if you ask anything of the Father in my name, He will give it to you.’
Through the intercession of Mary, Your holy Mother, in Your Name I ask the Father that my prayer be granted.

Our Father…

Hail Mary…

Glory be to the Father…

Sacred Heart of Jesus, I place all my trust in you.

III. O my Jesus, You have said, ‘Truly I say to you, heaven and earth
will pass away but my words will not pass away.’ Encouraged by
Your infallible words, through the intercession of Mary, Your
holy Mother I feel confident that my prayers will be answered.
(mention your request)

Our Father…

Hail Mary…

Glory be to the Father…

O Sacred , O Merciful, O Eucharistic Heart of Jesus, I place all my trust in you.

O Sacred Heart of Jesus, for whom it is impossible not to have compassion on the afflicted, have pity on us poor sinners and grant us the grace which we ask of You, through the Sorrowful and Immaculate heart of Mary, Your tender mother and ours.

Hail, Holy Queen…

St. Joseph, foster father of Jesus, pray for us.

Thanks to the CourageousPriest.Com website

More Reader Comments On Father Corapi

Dear Father John,
You are being crucified as they crucified Our Lord. You will come through this cross
filled with the Glory of God to Speak and Declare the Truth of our Redemption with more dynamo and clarity than ever before. To be a true disciple of Our Lord Jesus
Christ we must be willing to be crucified. You will not hang on this cross long.
Your voice is needed in this time and hour to prepare the way of Our Lord.
Our prayer group will be praying for your quick vindication. 

God Bless you

Andrea M
Nova Scotia


Today as I heard the news driving into work, my heart dropped but not my faith in you and our beautiful faith that will come through on this diabolical action from the evil one! I’ve heard and seen you in person over the years and know that this attack on you is false. You have always been open and honest and live your example of a truly holy priest. As the comment earlier stated, the mere fact you ask for prayers for all those involved speaks volumes of your integrity. In this trial how fitting is it that it occurs during Lent? Jesus and you Father, sharing the cross. I know you can carry it well. I will continue to pray for you everyday and for a change of heart to those who have attacked you. May God be with you and our sweet Blessed Mother cover you in her mantle. Blessings to you , Robin V- Round Rock,Texas


Father Gerard Sheehan, should not have canceled this event. I am highly upset. Once again, the Catholic church does not care about their members. We have waited a year to hear this..took time off from work..and poof..canceled. Unfair. We should have had the right to see him..this was an adult conference..We should have had the right to go. – Cathy C


Exactly. I think Fr. Sheehan..who cancelled it should have to refund my money. How dare he take this away from us, over a letter. I can understand canceling distant engagements, but he did not have to cancel engagements that were full of adults. Let Fr. Sheehan pay for the damage pay my husband and I for our vacation time lost. Once again, the Catholic church takes everything away from me. – Barbie D


I had my tickets to go see FATHER CORAPI since the first weeks they were out for sale!
This is not a human-driven sin on the accuser, it’s more than that, but he is not alone.
Let’s all pray for Father Corapi, and our own society! – GG


Dear Father John Corapi:
My heart is broken. My prayers for everyone. May God help us all.
with love and prayers from Anne F


Official Statements Regarding the Current Status of Father John Corapi

Statement from Rev. Gerald Sheehan, Regional Priest Servant

Society of Our Lady of the Most Holy Trinity

18 March 2011

Today, as Regional Priest Servant for the Society of Our Lady of the Most Holy Trinity, I have the unhappy responsibility to announce that Father John Corapi, SOLT has been placed on administrative leave from priestly ministry, in accordance to the Code of Cannon Law of the Catholic Church.  We have received an allegation that Father Corapi has behaved in a manner unbecoming of a priest and are duty-bound to conduct an investigation in this accusation.

It is important to keep in mind that this action in no way implies Father Corapi is guilty of the allegation.  It is equally important to know that, based on the information we have received thus far, the claim of misconduct does not involve minors and does not arise to the of criminal conduct.  Consequently, this matter will be investigated internally, and unless and until information suggests otherwise it will not be referred to civil authorities.  In the event that we learn of any occasion where the criminal civil law may have been breached we will immediately refer the matter to civil authorities.

Statement of Bishop George Leo Thomas, the bishop of the Diocese of Helena

“It is important to accord Father Corapi the principles of due process, including the assumption of innocence, until a full investigation is carried out by his superiors. More importantly, I appeal for prayers on behalf of everyone involved in this very complex situation.” Father Corapi has a personal residence in Kalispell, Mont. He does not hold priestly faculties in the Diocese of Helena, said Diocese of Helena Chancellor Father John Robertson.

Thanks to Pat Archbold, NCR

Why not simply forego a refund and let Catholic Charities of Rockford use the proceeds, as planned?

In light of the unfortunate cancellation of the Father Corapi speaking event in DeKalb, Illinois … please consider foregoing a refund and instead, donating the proceeds to Catholic Charities, so that at least one of the original goals of the “From the Agony To The Victory Conference” might be successfully achieved.

From the official news release:

“We have been working for almost two years building support for this event and we have been looking forward to a very special day. The proceeds would have provided vital support to our many Catholic Charities ministries. But at this moment, I don’t know how we’re going to recover the expenses of our preparations, much less forgo the contributions we have been anticipating to help fund our programs for children.”


Catholic Charities of Rockford

DeKalb, Illinois 03/26/2011 Father Corapi Event Has Been Canceled

From the Catholic Charities website:

Father John Corapi will not appear as planned at the Northern Illinois University Convocation Center on Saturday, March 26, or meet with sponsors of the event the night before in Rockford.

Corapi was to be the only speaker at a major conference planned as a fund-raising program for Catholic Charities, according to Frank Vonch, director of the agency. “Without him there is no program,” Vonch said.

He added that all ticket sales and sponsorships would be refunded, although he is still working on details regarding how the refund process will proceed. “We hope to have those details worked out in the next 72 hours,” he said, adding that they will be posted on the Catholic Charities website ( as soon as they are finalized. If people have questions, they are welcome to call the Catholic Charities office at 815- 387-3374 between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. on weekdays.

Vonch said today that he received word from Father Corapi’s religious superior, Father Gerard Sheehan, Regional Priest Servant of the Society of Our Lady of the Most Holy Trinity, that Father Corapi would not be able to fulfill his engagements in DeKalb and Rockford because he “has been placed on administrative leave from priestly ministry, in accordance to the Code of Canon Law of the Catholic Church.”


Father John Corapi responds to allegations of wrong doing: “All of the allegations in the complaint are false.”

From the home page of Father Corapi’s website:

A Call for Prayer

On Ash Wednesday I learned that a former employee sent a three-page letter to several bishops accusing me of everything from drug addiction to multiple sexual exploits with her and several other adult women. There seems to no longer be the need for a complaint to be deemed “credible” in order for Church authorities to pull the trigger on the Church’s procedure, which was in recent years crafted to respond to cases of the sexual abuse of minors. I am not accused of that, but it seems, once again, that they now don’t have to deem the complaint to be credible or not, and it is being applied broadly to respond to all complaints. I have been placed on “administrative leave” as the result of this.

I’ll certainly cooperate with the process, but personally believe that it is seriously flawed, and is tantamount to treating the priest as guilty “just in case”, then through the process determining if he is innocent. The resultant damage to the accused is immediate, irreparable, and serious, especially for someone like myself, since I am so well known. I am not alone in this assessment, as multiple canon lawyers and civil and criminal attorneys have stated publicly that the procedure does grave damage to the accused from the outset, regardless of rhetoric denying this, and has little regard for any form of meaningful due process.

All of the allegations in the complaint are false, and I ask you to pray for all concerned.