If it wasn’t so disgusting, it might be laughable.

The film follows Robinson as the church grapples with how to handle lesbian and gay issues. Robinson’s election brought to a head divisions between liberal and conservative Episcopalians, and between the U.S. church and more conservative members of the worldwide Anglican Communion.

Filmmakers followed Robinson to England in 2008, where he was excluded from the Anglicans’ Lambeth Conference of bishops. And they followed him to the Episcopal Church’s 2009 General Convention, where leaders voted to allow blessings of same-sex marriages, civil unions or domestic partnerships (where legal) and allow gay men and women to become bishops.


Editor’s note: William Shakespeare wrote, “To thine own self be true.” Jesus Christ said, “Take up your cross and follow me.” It looks to me like all these people got William Shakespeare mixed up with Jesus Christ, and are following the wrong guy!

“…living proof that abortion is not the answer to an unwanted pregnancy.”

The documentary, “A Voice for Life,” tells the story of one woman’s experience and her journey across the country to speak out against abortion.

Ohden says that in 1977, her mother underwent a saline infusion abortion, a method common at that time in ending late-term pregnancies. Ohden survived the procedure, the filmmakers say, although she weighed less than three pounds. A nurse noticed she was alive and began caring for her.

According to the film, her adoptive parents later were told she would not likely live long, and that if she did, she would suffer physical or mental defects.

Today, Ohden is a healthy, thriving woman who travels the country speaking to audiences and testifying on abortion bills before legislatures. Her message of life, hope and love is directed at women facing unwanted pregnancies or who regret having an abortion.

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