What Calvinists, Jesuits (and Muslims) don’t understand about divine providence.

If nothing exists without God’s causing it to exist, and nothing is moved without God acting as the first Mover – how can we avoid concluding that every human choice is wholly and entirely caused by God and that the human will is moved infallibly by God’s providence? In short, if God causes all things, how can man be truly free?

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Editor’s note: Like the Protestant Christian Calvinists, Muslims also believe in a form of “double-predestination”.  According to that (false) principle, God is the only cause of everything … all is preordained by God alone … and no mortal has freedom of will, in any case.

Of course, if double-predestination was indeed true, it logically follows that God could not convict anyone for sin … nor would a holy redeemer be necessary … nor would there be any need for a Judgment Day … since consent of the will is absolutely necessary if one is to be found guilty.