Seen on the web: Scandal trumped up by homosexuals in the church to bring Father Corapi down?

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Quote from: Lavalliere

I think Fr. Corapi stepped on someone’s toes and they have it in for him.

I am no groupie of his. I don’t watch EWTN nor do I listen to what purports to be Catholic radio. But I have been following this latest brouhaha. I have noticed how the neo-cats aren’t being very sympathetic to him. Looks to me like word has filtered down from the “powers that be” grapevine to denigrate Fr. Corapi, which is why I am saying that it appears to me that he didn’t play ball with someone and they have it in for him…big time. To tell you the truth, even if “evidence” that will convict him is forthcoming, I won’t buy it.

It is inconceivable to me that anyone who has been through what Fr. Corapi has been through would be so foolish as to let down his spiritual guard and throw it all away for a silly and cunning woman; yes, that’s right, a silly and cunning woman, who isn’t worth the loss of his soul or his priesthood.

Remember, you heard it first from Lavalliere. Just consider this a Fisheaters Exclusive. Smiley

This is 100% speculation on my part, so don’t take any of it as anything else. I have only anecdotes to reference that inspired this speculation. I think he upset the homosexual network within the hierarchy. In 2006 he did a series called “Catholic Come Home” and he blasted homosexual activity with a level of force that would have made Bishop Williamson tell him to dial it back if he’d been in the room.

In 2010 he touched on the subject again and clearly stated the Church’s talking points on the subject but he also added the usual don’t harass, ridicule or treat badly anyone suffering with this disorder. It was fine, but he definitely made an effort to soften the edges of his presentation. I suspected that somebody in the hierarchy got to him on that issue and ordered him to change his approach.

This no doubt. The militant homosexuals who have infiltrated the Church over the years despise this man greatly and have had it out for him for years. They will attempt to destroy Fr’s ministry anyway they can and are not concerned about playing by the rules. The homosexuals are an especially nasty group and will pull out all the stops in getting what they want, just like in the secular world.

There was a thread started about homosexuality collapsing empires, well they’re doing their best to collapse the Church even at a time where the church has gone out of it’s way placating them and sugarcoating their “disorder”, they don’t care about that, they want 100% acceptance and equality and the education of children into their “lifestyle”.. Nothing else will suffice.

Also as mentioned in other threads, there is a war going on right now within the Church and the usurpers need to get good priests Fr Corapi and Fr E out of the way so the real onslaught can begin. I even see them going after the pro-life priests next in their little culture war against the more conservative clergy across the board.