Newt also a “flip-flopper” on key issues

Pro-lifers beware. Gingrich is well known for “erratic” political behavior.

Gingrich says now life begins at conception but said last week it begins at implantation, and he has also supported taxpayer funded embryonic stem cell research.

Gingrich says now he would defund Planned Parenthood but co-sponsored legislation that would have potentially given billions to the abortion giant.

Gingrich says now he supports the Mexico City policy but co-sponsored legislation that would have gutted it.

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More on the still developing Boston homosexual “pride” church scandal

The scandal over the St. Cecilia Church’s Rainbow Ministry Gay Pride Mass canceled by the Archdiocese of Boston got deeper with word in Monday’s Boston Globe that the archdiocese has flipflopped and now has “no objection” to a “prayer service” by the same group at the same time for the same purpose as before. The pastor publicly accused concerned Catholics of “hate”  during his Sunday homily, and a diocesan auxiliary bishop who was there on Sunday is apparently OK with both the prayer service plans and the accusations of hate against orthodox Catholics.

After the archdiocese’s initial response canceling the Mass that sounded strong and courageous, things are now spiraling out of control. At the end of this post, we’ll tell you how to Take Action about the growing scandal, which now involves the pastor, Fr. John Unni, Bishop Robert Hennessey, Cardinal Sean O’Malley and his spokesman, Terry Donilon. If this scandal continues beyond the next few days, someone will probably need to resign.

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