PBS = “Protestant Broadcasting System”?


Where were all the Catholic theologians?

Watching this rather lengthy work, it was hard not to notice at least two things:

1) Few if any Catholic clergy/theologians were interviewed, or used as primary sources.

2) The “slant” was extraordinarily and overwhelmingly liberal and modernist, promoting  conclusions that are not only radical and almost totally unqualified by the facts, but often simply reckless.

Frontline missed the boat on this one … big time … as did PBS.

WTTW in Chicago was doing a pledge drive during the show, and even the in-studio hosts seemed to believe that anything goes, when it comes to Christianity.

Some of their personal comments were absolutely incredible. They spoke about Christianity as though they were reviewing a movie or something, except not once did they mention that they were in fact, editorializing about the faith that literally transformed the modern world, in Christ Jesus.

I give the entire effort one star … for good production values only.

Watch it on line if you like. They also have the nerve to offer a “teacher’s guide”.

Thanks … but I’ll pass on the “teacher’s guide”!

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