High level political hack Bill Daley again attempting to “bully” Cardinal George

SPRINGFIELD — Democratic gubernatorial hopeful William Daley called Wednesday on Cardinal Francis George to back off his threat to cut off funding to an immigrant-rights coalition because of its support for same-sex marriage legislation at the Statehouse.

“My view on marriage equality and those of immigrant-aid groups who have similar views really are irrelevant to our collective duty to help those who are less fortunate,” Daley wrote in a letter to George.

Daley becomes the latest and one of the most prominent political voices to date to join in the pushback at George for his targeting of the Illinois Coalition of Immigrant and Refugee Rights, which has come out in support for same-sex marriage in the state.


Editor’s note: Bill Daley has long been in the habit of bullying Cardinal George by planting opinion pieces, often labeled as something else, in major Chicago newspapers – and unfortunately, the tactic has been at least partially successful. Now he’s doing it again.

Daley ought to know that the Catholic Church has no business supporting organizations that promote anti-Catholic causes. It’s that simple.

Let’s hope Cardinal George has the guts to tell the allegedly Catholic, pro-abortion, pro-homosexual Bill Daley to either “fly right” – or to sit down and shut up – when it comes to matters of church policy,

Planned Parenthood has killed more Americans than all the wars that America has ever fought.

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Planned Parenthood has killed more Americans than all the wars that America has ever fought.

The Commonwealth of Virginia has just zeroed out Planned Parenthood’s funding. Other states should follow Virginia’s lead.

The amendment, cutting up to a half million dollars in funding from the abortion giant, passed by the narrowest of margins. The vote in the Virginia Senate was 20 votes in favor of the amendment and 20 against, and Lt. Governor Bolling had to break the tie. The amendment could still be vetoed by Governor Kaine later this month, although this would tarnish the moderate image he is trying to project. In all likelihood, Planned Parenthood faces a complete funding cut, and one that will last at least until 2010.

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