Quiz: What do Catholic Relief Services and Melinda Gates have in common?

Catholic Relief Services (CRS), “the official overseas relief and development agency of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops” has recently given millions to an organization that doles out contraceptives, including abortifacient ‘emergency contraception.’

The most recent CRS annual returns (2010) indicate that the largest CRS grant — $5.3 million — went to CARE, an international “relief and development organization,” that actively promotes and provides contraceptives for women in developing countries, and supports pro-abortion groups and legislation.

According to the 2010 990s, CRS gave $5,380,466 to CARE, which is noted on page 86 of the filing.

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More on the Susan G. Komen, Planned Parenthood fiasco

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Report: Catholic Campaign for Human Development continues to fund birth control, abortion efforts.

Ironically, this is exactly what CCHD stated it would be very careful not to do.  Last year, it wrote that CCHD “will not fund groups that are members of coalitions which have as their organizational purpose or coalition agenda, positions or actions that contradict fundamental Catholic moral and social teaching.” [xxvii]

However, many of the above-mentioned organizations are members of exactly that sort of coalition – coalitions that are fundamentally working against Catholic moral and social teaching. Those aren’t the only ones, though.

The American Life League Report lists scores of additional CCHD-funded organizations that belong to coalitions with pro-abortion and/or homosexual “rights” agendas.  This past year alone, after its “careful” vetting process, CCHD awarded over a million dollars to organizations working in consort with anti-Catholic coalitions.


Perhaps it’s time Catholic Charities actually became authentically Catholic again.

by Doug Lawrence

Catholic Charities is known for accomplishing much good, but what isn’t widely known is that Catholic Charities currently accomplishes a great deal of its work using funds obtained … not from Catholics … but from the federal and state government.

The natural conflict here is not difficult to identify, especially if you happen to be an opportunistic politician, from either or both parties.

The game: Do it our way (not the Catholic way) or we’ll pull your funding (which amounted to about 4.6 billion dollars last year, at the federal level alone.)

This type of institutionalized corruption and political extortion is already happening in Washington D.C. and in Illinois. Look for it to shortly make an appearance in your own community.

About the only way to fight it is to once again begin using only Catholic money to accomplish the work of Catholic Charities.

Not a bad idea!

Obama administration restored funding for forced abortions in China, elsewhere.

We are helping finance the infrastructure used in coercive family planning in China. The international community funds UNFPA (United Nations Family Planning Fund), as well as IPPF (International Planned Parenthood Federation), and Marie Stopes International. These organizations are operative “abortion providers” in China.

In 2001, the US cut funding to UNFPA because an investigation, headed by then Secretary of State Colin Powell, found that UNFPA was complicit in the coercive implementation of China’s One Child Policy. In 2008, the US State Department reaffirmed that determination, and yet we restored funding in 2009. UNFPA is also funded by many other nations.

In addition, the IPPF and Marie Stopes are working hand in hand with the Chinese Communist population control machine, which has been notorious in its excesses. The IPPF website openly declares, “The China Family Planning Association (CFPA) plays a very important role in China’s family planning programme. It supports the present family planning policy of the government.” Meanwhile, the website for Marie Stopes International, lists as “major partners” the Family Planning Commissions of several provinces in China.

Just last week, US citizens voted to cut UNFPA funding under the new YOUCUT program (majorityleader.gov/YouCut/P2_W1.htm). Because of this vote, Rep. Renee Ellmers will introduce legislation to cut UNFPA, saving $400 million over the next ten years. The bill still needs to pass through committee and be passed by the House to become effective, so you still have time to contact your representative about it. 

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How United Way Funds Planned Parenthood, Advances Abortion

Along with the more than $300 million Planned Parenthood receives in federal funding, some Planned Parenthood clinics, including the Glenwood Springs clinic, receive funding from the United Way.

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What we need now is a separation of the “Church of Abortion” and state. Or at least, a level playing field.

Now that it appears the liberal/progressive “Church of Abortion” managed to keep their $300 million Planned Parenthood subsidy, it’s high time the “settled” legal precedent of separation of church and state was expanded to cover activities by organizations that “look and “act” like traditional churches, and/or have their own particular ideologies and creeds.

The liberal “sacrament” of abortion
appears to be at the very center
of all today’s progressive causes.

It’s high time the Supreme Court took note … and got to work providing “equal justice” under the law … in order to deny government funding to Planned Parenthood and all such “quasi” secular churches … no matter their stated purpose or intent.

Either that, or permit equal and unrestricted, level playing field, government funding/support … or the lack of it … for all “church” type organizations … whether they be real … or merely, simulated.

It’s only fair!

Knights: The Susan G. Komen Foundation encourages affiliates to give money to Planned Parenthood.

After reviewing the Susan G. Komen for the Cure’s relationship with Planned Parenthood, the State Deputy of the Michigan Jurisdiction of the Knights of Columbus ruled that no Knights of Columbus council in Michigan can raise money for or affiliate itself with Komen.

The Komen Foundation admits to encouraging affiliates to give money to Planned Parenthood, America’s leading abortion business, and its chapters gave Planned Parenthood $731,303  in 2009 and have given the abortion business $3.3 million from 2004-2009, according to its own figures.

Kenneth Unterbrink of the Knights of Columbus, in a February letter, writes, “We, as Knights of Columbus, have publicly stated our opposition to abortion and embryonic stem cell research. By their own admission, Komen supports Planned Parenthood, and they plan to continue their support for Planned Parenthood.”

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The Catholic Church has been a consistent supporter of stem-cell research using (only) adult stem cells.

The Catholic Church opposes embryonic stem-cell research,
and supports adult stem-cell research.

By Paul McMullen

The Vatican is expected to contribute several million dollars to an international consortium for adult stem-cell research, an effort that will be led by the University of Maryland School of Medicine in Baltimore.

The Associated Press reported the Vatican’s anticipated initial contribution as being 2 million euros ($2.7 million).

The new venture was announced April 23 at a news conference in Rome.

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