Maternal mitochondrial DNA traces British man’s heritage back to Garden of Eden.

Researchers from Britain’s DNA, who carried out the tests, said the result meant that in genetic terms he was a “thoroughbred”, and could be described as the “grandson of Eve, or the grandfather of everyone in Britain”.

They were so surprised by the results that they phoned Mr Kinnaird, a widower who lives in the far north of Scotland, to break the news to him.

They told him his mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA), passed through the female line, was 30,000 years old and only two genetic mutations removed from the first woman, while most men have a genome with around 200 mutations since the earliest humans.

Alistair Moffat, the historian and rector of St Andrews University, who was involved in setting up the DNA project, said: “It is an astonishing result and means he could have been in the ‘Garden of Eden’.

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Do you believe angels come to Earth using Jacob’s Ladder?

Q: Do you believe angels come to Earth using Jacob’s Ladder?

A: Whether angels come and go from there or not, there has always been something special about that general vicinity, which includes the Mount of Olives, to the east of Jerusalem.

Jesus spent a lot of time there. He prayed there the night before he died. He ascended into Heaven from there, and he has declared that he will return there some day, as well.

Some theologians, Bible historians, and mystics make a good case for the post-flood location of the remains of the garden of eden being located there, as well.

Based on all of this, I would say yes.