Wayward Seattle priest is turning the sacred scriptures upside down and inside out to falsely justify the homosexual subculture

About 500 years ago Father John Whitney, S.J. would have been beheaded and burned at the stake for his heresies and blasphemy against the written Word of God, but today all we can do is feel pity for Archbishop J. Peter Sartain for having to tolerate this Jesuit, and pray that he excommunicates him for continuing to lead Christ’s flock astray.

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A large-scale, state-backed celebration of kinky sex.

I went to Ottawa’s Pride Parade last week.  I didn’t just happen upon it – I attended it. You may think I’m crazy; I know my wife did.

When my LifeSiteNews editors asked me to go, I had no small amount of trepidation. But after pondering it, I actually started to feel that I had a kind of duty to attend – no matter how odd that might sound from someone who’s dedicated his life to defending the natural family.

But it’s precisely because I defend the family that I thought I better go. You see, I write on homosexuality all the time. I read the homosexual websites, I follow the activists and all the latest news on the issue. I’ve studied the claims of the homosexual agenda, and tried to understand the issue from their perspective.

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San Diego’s double standard on hate crimes: claims firefighters forced to participate in gay pride parade were “subjected to what can fairly be described as simple teasing, offhand comments, and extremely isolated incidents of partial nudity or lewd behavior.”

In an unusually speedy ruling, a state appeals court has unanimously upheld sexual harassment damages awarded by a jury to four San Diego firefighters forced to participate in the city’s 2007 ‘gay pride’ parade.

On Oct. 14 – less than a week after oral arguments in the case – the Fourth District Court of Appeal issued a 74-page decision upholding a jury’s award of monetary damages to the four firefighters.


Chicago elementary school openly supporting Gay Pride Parade … or not?


Nettelhorst Elementary School parent Amy Goodman prepares a wagon
for the 40th annual Pride Parade with daughter Sadie Blade, 3,
while son Ben Blade, 6, plays in their home.
(Tribune photo by Phil Velasquez / June 24, 2009)

The Chicago Tribune is reporting that Chicago’s Nettlehorst Elementary School will be the first public school in the community to march in the city’s gay pride parade.  

According to the Tribune, the school’s fence is adorned with thousands of green, blue, purple, and red strips of fabric — each hand-tied by a student. A sign by the gate stated that the elementary school will “be the first Chicago public school to march in the city’s gay pride parade.” The sign also stated that the school believes that family means everybody.
OneNewsNow contacted Nettlehorst Elementary School and requested an interview with school principal Cindy Wulbert. However OneNewsNow was informed that she was unavailable, but the person who answered the phone told OneNewsNow that the school does not endorse the gay pride parade; neither is it participating in the event.
She also told OneNewsNow that some of the parents of students were participating in the event with their children but that, again, the school is not supporting that effort. When asked about the strips of fabric, OneNewsNow was told that they do not exist.
Laurie Higgins is with the Illinois Family Institute and was also told that the school was not participating in the event, but that parents and students who are participating can identify themselves as being a part of Nettlehorst elementary. Higgins was also informed that the sign referred to in the Tribune did not exist.
“I’m sorry; this just sounds very fuzzy to me. I find it difficult to believe that the reporter who quoted the sign imagined that the sign was there. And this morning I was told that they were participating, and now we’re told that they are not participating, but that the parents who are marching can actually identify that they are going to Nettlehorst,” she notes. “So I think that it’s a distinction without a difference. It sounds to me like they caught a lot of flack today, and they are trying to find a way to wiggle out of this.”
Higgins is currently attempting to contact a Tribune reporter. As far as the participation by some of the parents and students in the gay pride parade, Higgins notes that some of the parents are homosexual, but she believes that is no excuse to expose young children to such an event.
“These parades are noted for nudity. Sometimes there are open sex acts. They have cross-dressers in these parades. Any parent who takes their child to this is not a responsible parent, she contends. “To me this is the equivalent to child abuse; it’s exposing their kids to live pornography, and I find it very shocking.”
Higgins notes that it would be a pleasant surprise if nudity laws were enforced at this event.

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Article courtesy of OneNewsNow.com