A sad day for the late Bishop John Carroll and the first Catholic diocese of the United States of America

Md.’s top leaders cross Catholic hierarchy on gay marriage

Biographical Sketch of the Most Rev. John Carroll

Baltimore, the Senior See of the United States of America

They didn’t call it “The Baltimore Catechism” for nothin’

“Ripped” from tomorrow’s headlines: Half way through an Obama second term

Dateline Washington, D.C., November, 2015
(Please note the above date)

The nation’s Roman Catholic Bishop’s are once again in an uproar regarding federal health care directives. President Barack Obama’s new Secretary of Health and Human Services, the former Executive Director of Planned Parenthood and former gay rights activist Rebecca Isaacs, announced the changes in the national health insurance program on November 1 to coincide with celebrations of the “dearly departed” among both Catholic and Hispanic Americans.

The new directives require all employers to modify their existing coverage to include termination services for any over 63 years of age, diagnosed with terminal illness or otherwise found significantly impaired as to the enjoyment of life, by a qualified mental health official.

Archbishop James Conleigh, President of the USCCB, released a statement decrying the new directives as an “order that parish priests be complicit in the killing of the unwanted and elderly, an act that even Nazi Germany dared not order of the Church.”

According to Secretary Isaacs, the new directives are necessary to comply with the Supreme Court’s recent ruling that the Ninth and Fourteenth Amendments of the United States Constitution guarantee all Americans the right to die with dignity. Justice Elanor Kagan authored the controversial opinion, joined by Chief Justice Hillary Clinton and Justice Steven Breier, Antonin Kennedy and President Obama’s most recent appointment, Keith Ellison, the nation’s first Muslim Supreme Court Justice.

Archbishop Conleigh has once again threatened to close down all Catholic hospitals, schools and daycares the nation over rather than comply with the new directive.

White House Press Secretary Joy Behar labeled such comments as “possibly seditious” given the ”impact that such closings would have on our national economic recovery” adding that Archbishop Conleigh “might want to consider the difficulties of running his church without federal tax advantages before issuing such threats.”

It is thought that Behar was referencing a recent Indiana Supreme Court decision by Chief Justice Steven David that revoked the state tax exempt status for Indiana churches involved in any commercial endeavors. That ruling called into question an allegedly “unsupportable governmental bias” for religion that traced its roots back to Magna Carta.

Many church sponsored daycares, hospitals and so-called “communication ministries” have received safe harbor letters from the Indiana Department of Revenue, in the wake of Chief Justice David’s ruling, which has been hailed as “progressive” by a multitude of jurists and academics.

This new brouhaha from the Catholics comes just weeks after President Obama and Secretary Isaacs were credited with causing an outbreak of gun and ammunition sales with their joint announcement launching the National Committee for Advancing the Arms Trading Treaty.

The NCAATT is a bipartisan effort to bring the United States into full compliance with the caps on the manufacturing, exporting and importing of hand held arms called for by the United Nations.

The White House, speaking through Behar, fueled this National Rifle Association-led mass purchase when Press Secretary Behar warned that President Obama wants all Americans to be certain that all arms they own are accounted for on their revised federal income tax forms, as well as any collection of ammunition totaling over 1,000 rounds, in keeping with rules promulgated under the new and revised Patriot Act, effective January 1, 2016

All of these manifestations of political unrest were recently cited by Senator Charles “Chucky” Schumer, Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, as examples of alleged constitutional freedoms taken too far. -TELEDAMUS

Editor’s note: President Obama’s former press secretary, Robert Gibbs has labeled the mere criticism of Barack Obama’s personal, phony and unbiblical theology as “crossing the line”… when it’s the dismal policies and shameful acts of Obama and his minions which constitute the real issue.

But these guys would actually prefer to dialogue while they go about executing their nefarious plans for the destruction of our country, since by the time they’re through talking, it will be too late to stop them.

Seen on the web: Most homosexual advocates not gay, just anti-religion.

Posted by Raymond P on Jul 6, 2011

If homosexuals are so small a portion of the population, why do so many wealthy people and corporations support them?  It’s a reason beyond “gay rights.”

Look who expresses concern over the homosexual agenda, such as “gay marriage.” It’s Catholics, Muslims and Orthodox Jews—the dreaded enemies of the anti-religious secular lobby.

That’s the reason for the seemingly broad support for one, two or three percent of the population.  They are not pro-gay, but anti-religion.


Contrary to the recent rhetoric, there has been NO REFORM of CCHD.

I’ve downloaded and read the CCHD “Review and Renewal of the Catholic Campaign for Human Development as Accepted and Affirmed by the USCCB Administrative Committee,” – promulgated on September 15, 2010 – and can only cry in absolute frustration, that nothing has changed. The new, improved CCHD is still all about funding Alinskyian organizing (organizing based on the organizational theories of the late, great Saul Alinsky)….which is still all about progressive politics…which is still all about killing babies.

Yes, CCHD grants will go to progressive organizations that are also concerned with decriminalizing undocumented immigrants, socializing medicine, and nationalizing public education, as it always has, but those are issues good men and women can disagree about. Good organizations, on the other hand, don’t support politicians and policies that kill babies. Since CCHD continues to fund organizations that support pro-abortion politicians and policies, nothing has changed.


The true meaning of the word “tolerance”.

Yesterday, I discussed some terms that are manipulated to normalize homosexuality, and today I want to discuss a few more that are misused in the pernicious effort to use public schools — including elementary schools — to normalize homosexuality. The first term is “tolerance”:

  • Tolerance actually means to put up with or endure something one finds objectionable. Implicit in the idea of tolerance is disagreement and disapproval. One does not tolerate something with which one agrees or approves.
  • True tolerance would mean allowing or enduring the expression of ideas, even ideas which we find offensive or wrongheaded. (It does not, however, require the expression of ideas that are age inappropriate.)
  • When, however, the self-appointed cultural elites and public school administrators contend that society should be tolerant of homosexuality, they are really claiming that one ought to approve of it, affirm it, and celebrate it.
  • Under the guise of promoting tolerance, schools offer only resources and activities that espouse liberal beliefs while censoring all resources that espouse conservative beliefs, which is completely inconsistent with the idea of tolerance.
  • Resources that express disapproval of homosexual acts no more represent intolerance of homosexual persons than resources that express disapproval of promiscuity represent intolerance of those who are promiscuous.
  • A commitment to true tolerance requires that some put up with the expression of the belief that homosexual conduct is moral, and requires that others put up with the expression of the belief that homosexual conduct is immoral.
  • A skewed understanding of tolerance is, ironically, cultivating hatred. When children are taught the lie that those who believe homosexual acts are immoral also hate homosexuals, those children and teens start hating conservatives.

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“Britain, and in particular London, has been and is the geopolitical epicentre of the culture of death.”

Senior Catholic Edmund Adamus blames UK’s ‘moral wasteland’ on equal rights.

A leading adviser to the Archbishop of Westminster has blamed abortion and gay rights for turning Britain into a “selfish, hedonistic wasteland” which has become “the geopolitical epicentre of the culture of death”.

Edmund Adamus, director of pastoral affairs at the diocese of Westminster and an adviser to Archbishop Vincent Nichols, said Parliament had turned Britain into a country which is more culturally anti-Catholic than nations where Christians are violently persecuted such as Saudi Arabia, China and Pakistan.

His comments, made with only weeks to go before Pope Benedict XVI’s historic state visit to Britain, will cause embarrassment between organisers of the visit and government officials, because they reveal how some members of the Church’s hierarchy believe that the pontiff is travelling to a hostile and anti-Catholic country.

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