Why former GM executive Bob Lutz is also a “yutz”: Advocates massively raising gas taxes to force people into electric cars.


“If you want people to use less of a given commodity, you raise the price of that commodity. It’s that simple.” Lutz further offered, “A higher price is the right economic stimulus to get people to buy more fuel efficient vehicles.”


Editor’s note: The Urban Dictionary defines the word “yutz” thusly: This is from the Yiddish, it means ditz, clutz, dumkoft, ninny, nincompoop, socially incompetant boob, twit, dumbass. (Add “elitist schlub”  to the aforementioned.)

Now you know why GM failed!

Obama’s GM president wants to raise gas prices by another $1 a gallon.

President and CEO of General Motors, Dan Akerson says a new $1 a gallon gas tax would result in increased sales of smaller, fuel efficient cars, so he’s all for it.

I say it’s time we quit buying what Barack Obama and his hand-picked, Commissar of Inefficient Automobile Production is selling, and we act to promptly retire the both of them!