Gregg Cunningham of the Center for Bioethical Reform: “Two things that have to happen in order for the pro-life movement to be effective, and they aren’t happening anywhere in the world in any systematic way”.

First, and prior to making gains in legislation, “the population has to be convinced of the humanity of the unborn child, early in pregnancy. And the population has to be convinced of the inhumanity of abortion, early in pregnancy.”

He pointed out that the gains made in public opinion have been in support for abortion restrictions only in later stages of gestation, when abortion is already much less common. Most US and British opinion still favours largely unrestricted abortion in the first trimester, when the great majority of abortions are conducted.

“Most people hear the word ‘embryo’ and in their minds that term is synonymous with ‘blob of tissue’ or ‘blob of cells’. And they see abortion perhaps as evil but as the ‘lesser of two evils’ at worst. Certainly not evil enough to justify putting anyone in prison who performs abortions.”

“Nothing is going to change until we persuade the population that the baby really is entitled to developmental rights of personhood from the moment of fertilisation. And that abortion is an evil of sufficient enormity to justify criminalising the act. By which I don’t mean putting women in prison, I mean putting doctors in prison,” he continued.

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Writer recommends preemptive capital punishment for babies in womb, as cure for social ills.

Throughout last week, students may have been alarmed by the Genocide Awareness Project exhibit that was set up in front of Tucker Hall. The project, laden with graphic images of aborted fetuses, sought to bring attention to abortion, which they believe is the mass murder of the unborn.


Editor’s note: If wantonly killing hundreds of thousands of infants each year isn’t “mass murder of the unborn” then what is it?

Campus outreach empowers young couple to choose life: “I’m not going to kill my daughter or son.”

From the Center for Bio-Ethical Reform:

Columbus, OH – Mar. 22, 2011 – “I’m not going to kill my daughter or son,” the Florida International University (FIU) student declared.  He then admitted that just moments before, when he and his pregnant girlfriend had approached CBR’s campus outreach exhibit, they were considering having an abortion.  After viewing the images and encountering CBR volunteer Thama, that option became unthinkable.

The man turned to his girlfriend: “We need to talk.”

Had this young couple not encountered the exhibit, their preborn child could have been scheduled today for an abortion.  CBR’s combination of the graphic truth of abortion and respectful conversation works.

Even students who disagree with CBR’s message can appreciate the effectiveness of our display.  FIU’s student newspaper quoted law student Oren Reich as saying, “I’m pro-choice, but think the exhibit was honest, compelling and non-offensive.  Comparisons to genocide are appropriate considering their beliefs, and gory imagery is appropriate as well, just as I would use it for an anti-war demonstration.”

To view pictures of the outreach at FIU, click here.

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“No one really understands the debate until they see consequences of abortion…”

Ottawa, Canada, Oct 12, 2010 / 06:08 am (CNA).- Ottawa police arrested five people on trespassing charges for attempting to display graphic posters of abortion at Carleton University after the university administration turned down the students’ display application.

Four Carleton students, members of the group Carleton Lifeline, and one other supporter were arrested on trespassing charges on Oct. 4. They tried to display posters from the Genocide Awareness Project (GAP) on the heavily used campus square called the Tory Quad.

The four-by-eight-feet posters show bloody images of aborted fetuses with images from the Holocaust and the Rwandan genocide. They were confiscated and given to police as evidence.