Website informs girls and families why they should not support Girl Scouts of the USA through their annual cookie sale

Simi Valley, CA — A 14-year-old Girl Scout has an important message to share with the nation. Although she enjoys scouting and remains a member of GSUSA, she is alarmed and disappointed about the leftward drift of this once venerable institution. Her dissatisfaction with GSUSA’s direction and her desire to alert others of critical changes in the organization has led her to create a video warning families about these issues while calling for a boycott of the annual Girl Scout cookie sale.

Following the Girl Scouts’ directive to “Discover, Connect and Take Action,” this teen hopes that her launch of a Girl Scout Cookie Boycott will speak volumes to GSUSA and have them reconsider their partnerships and lack of neutrality during this year, the 100th Anniversary of the founding of American Girl Scouts and GSUSA’s own proclaimed “Year of the Girl.”

“Why is GSUSA willing to break its own safety rules and go against its own Research Institute findings to accommodate transgender boys? Unfortunately, I think it is because GSUSA cares more about promoting the desires of a small handful of people than it does for my safety and the safety of my friends and sister Girl Scouts.”

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Girl Scouts USA Renewing the Promise (of death)

“… GSUSA has once invited a cadre of ultra feminists, a Planned Parenthood philanthropist, United Nations devotees and even a new age Taoist to inspire and instruct today’s Girl Scouts,” Volanski told LifeNews.

This year’s convention features Houston Mayor Annise Parker, who spoke at the opening of a massive new Planned Parenthood abortion business in June 2010, saying, “It’s not about the building; it’s about people’s lives; it is not about women, it is about families; and it’s not about what we do here today, it’s about our future.” Parker lives with her life partner Kathy Hubbard, campaign treasurer for Planned Parenthood and Parker’s upcoming bid for re-election as Houston Mayor is endorsed by Planned Parenthood.

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