Glenn Beck explains the reasons for the recent attacks on the Catholic Church and religious freedom

Please take a look at the link below; it takes 10 minutes of your life. We have been stripped of many of our civil liberties and now they want to attack our faith and beliefs.

Glenn Beck explains (video link)

As men, we are told in the bible to be the spiritual leaders of our house. So we can no longer sit on the side line while others stand up to defend what is left to defend.

Little by little our faith is being challenged and Catholic or not it will affect us all. So please take the 10 minutes and then pass on the link to anyone who you think will listen.

Frank J. Schwartz Jr.
State Program Director
Illinois State Knights of Columbus

Submitted by John Z.

Editor’s note: Glenn Beck is a Mormon, but he seems to have a better “handle” on this issue than many/most Catholics. After watching the video, perhaps you can help educate your fellow Catholics, whether they be laymen or clergy.

Voris, Abbot (and now, Lawrence): Something about Glenn Beck’s Christianity doesn’t “add-up”.

In his column today, Matt C. Abbot included a transcript of Real Catholic TV’s latest video commentary about Glenn Beck’s recent “Restoring Honor” rally in Washington, DC.

In that commentary, Real Catholic TV’s Michael Voris, made a number of excellent observations.

Here’s one, for starters:

It’s worthy to note that many of the leading lights in this Religious Restoration project sweeping over the land, that will definitely cause a storm to break over Washington on Election Day, are themselves promoters of inauthentic Christianity.

In the past two weeks, Glenn Beck, Ann Coulter, Rush Limbaugh and others have each come out in favor of homosexual marriage — slash — civil unions. While they are not on the front lines necessarily promoting it, they are not resisting it and are giving their considerable nodding consent to it.

That’s not authentic Christianity. Not even close. But this is the problem with multiculturalism: Everything needs to be compromised and there are simply some things that cannot be compromised, the truth of God for one.

All societies eventually face high noon over religious questions. For a while, a culture may be able to skirt these issues, but eventually, sooner or later, when the right set of circumstances are brought to bear on religious and moral issues, a civilization either rises to the occasion, or meets its Waterloo.

Read Matt C. Abbot’s column

Watch the Real Catholic TV video