Strange cases of lacrimating Madonnas and supernatural “glitter”


At a far edge of alleged Catholic supernatural phenomena are cases in which it is claimed that a colorful glittery material has materialized in some places on particular people or at poignant times like some sort of manna.

Is it a hoax? Is it demonic? Is it a strikingly unusual move of the Holy Spirit?

You discern.

We report.

Your consideration is as valid as ours.

And challenging this is.

There are precedents. At Fatima, Portugal, glitter-like lights fell, on one occasion, at the site of apparitions, and the same has been true of the Church-approved site of Betania near Caracas, Venezuela — which in fact was designated by the bishop as “sacred ground.”

Glitter was reported on the face of Maria Esperanza, the mystic associated with that site.

It has been reported in connection with a good number of statues, especially those alleged to “weep.”

The substance accompanies or follows lacrimation (weeping)  — or so it is claimed.

At Fatima, however, the “glitter” was immaterial and dissolved into thin air — more a luminosity.

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