Bronco’s Tebow prayed for winning field goal against Chicago Bears

ALEXANDER: Just as they’ve done four times in previous weeks. But during Sunday’s winning kick, Tebow didn’t watch. He prayed.

NFL ANNOUNCER: For the win, the kick is good!

TIM TEBOW: I just figure at a time like that, it’s more important to just be talking to the man upstairs and just my relationship with Jesus Christ is the most important thing to me so there’s not a better time to talk to him than then.

ALEXANDER: In only his second season as a pro, the 24-year-old quarterback has become one of the sport’s most captivating figures. Known as much for his evangelical faith as for his football. This is how he began Sunday’s post-game press conference.

TEBOW: First and foremost, I’d like to thank my lord and savior Jesus Christ.

ALEXANDER: This weekend, one newspaper headline even touted Tebow as “God’s Quarterback,” noting that the 6’3″ son of a pastor has defied his critics and revealed the deep-seated anxieties in America about the intersection of religion and sports.

RODNEY HARRISON [NBC SPORTS]: He’s polarizing because people don’t understand what he stands for. He believes in his Christian faith and he’s not afraid in today’s time to come out and tell people what he believes in.

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