Obama’s urge Americans to vacation on the Gulf. So where do THEY go? Maine!

Obama has also faced criticism for scheduling a trip up north, instead of vacationing in the Gulf, as he advised other Americans to do.

“Presidents are certainly entitled to vacation, just like everybody else, but there is a fine line as to when presidents should do it, what they should and where they should do it,” said Brad Blakeman, a former member of President George W. Bush’s senior staff and the deputy assistant for appointments and scheduling.

“Presidents have to be cognizant of the fact that everything they do is going to be scrutinized,” said Blakeman, who also is a professor for Georgetown University’s Semester in Washington program.

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BP too “slick” for Obama. Watchdog? Who raided the “3rd Party” Social Security Trust Fund?

“We want what everyone wants,” he said. “We want to do whatever we can to capture all the oil we can to minimize the impact.”

The heightened estimate of the scope of the continuing disaster came as Obama appointed Michael Bromwich, a former Justice Department watchdog in the Clinton administration, as the new head of a reorganized federal effort to regulate offshore oil drilling.

“His charge over the next few months is to build an organization that acts as the oil industry’s watchdog — not its partner,” Obama said Tuesday.


Three days after explosion, Dutch govt. offered oil skimmer ships. Obama: No thanks! Now reconsidering.

Now, almost seven weeks later, as the oil spewing from the battered well spreads across the Gulf and soils pristine beaches and coastline, BP and our government have reconsidered.

U.S. ships are being outfitted this week with four pairs of the skimming booms airlifted from the Netherlands and should be deployed within days. Each pair can process 5 million gallons of water a day, removing 20,000 tons of oil and sludge.

At that rate, how much more oil could have been removed from the Gulf during the past month?


Did terrorists sabotage the oil platform in the Gulf?

President Obama (surprisingly) comes out in favor of increased offshore drilling, much to the chagrin of the radical environmentalists … and just two weeks later, a high-tech oil rig inexplicably explodes, killing a number of people, sinking … and spilling mass quantities of oil into the Gulf of Mexico.

The response from the government (and from British Petroleum, the owner of the platform) has (so far) been puzzling.

The Obama administration appears to be “frozen” into an extended
“O h – N -o- o -o- ! “ moment, while BP has been extraordinarily casual in it’s own response … as if the monetary, P.R. and environmental cost of this affair is of no consequence, at all.

Meanwhile, the formidable resources of the U.S. Defense Department are nowhere to be seen.

Something smells “fishy” here … and it’s not just some oily Gulf shrimp!