Caring for orphans, ransoming hostages, burying the dead—it’s all in a day’s work for Father Rick Frechette.

In the barbaric cave for the dead

Known in Creole as simply ‘mog’

My trembling hand blesses them

May the angels lead you far, far from here

And do so in all haste

You and this throng of dead that surround you.

—Father Rick Frechette

from Haiti: The God of Tough Places, The Lord of Burnt Men

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Haiti cannot be understood apart from the voodoo that is everywhere. And Haitian voodoo is like nothing else in the world.

Modern voodoo traces back to the arrival of the first slaves to the former French colony of Saint-Domingue (now Haiti) in the second half of the 17th century. These slaves were predominately from the empire of Dahomey — a region that is today comprised of Benin, Togo, and Nigeria. By the late 1700s, there were nearly 500,000 slaves in the French colony.

Sold into servitude by their own people, most were believed to be criminals and prisoners of war. Others were tribal priests “that resisted the total reign of the monarchy over the empire’s religious life,” writes Shannon Turlington, author of Voodoo. These holy men brought their religion to Haiti. And it caught fire. Religion was the one thing the masters couldn’t take from their slaves. Continuing the tribal worship was the one link they had to the lives they led before they were taken. Over time, though, the rites evolved and combined, as the various tribal groups mixed and merged with one another. In Secrets of Voodoo, Milo Rigaud notes, “The result of such tribal fusion was that two different groups more or less combined their beliefs, thereby creating in the new slave community a voodoo rite, which to this day is not ‘pure.'”

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“Groups such as UNICEF, Doctors Without Borders, and the International Committee of the Red Cross are all clearly involved with either doing abortions, promoting sterilization, or working with groups that do abortions”

Let’s add CARE (one of the Obama’s favorite charities) to that list, too!

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Finally: Recognition of George W Bush by the Obama Administration

It’s rumored that the Obama Administration is at last,  planning to honor the 43rd President of the United States, by naming the gap between the tectonic plates beneath Haiti, after him.

The area will now officially be referred to as “Bush’s Fault”.

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360 Degree View of Destruction: Notre Dame Cathedral in Haiti

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Christ among the Haiti ruins