“Reverse Inquisition” can rid Church of Apostate Priests, Antichrist Bishops and Popes

devilcolorcropAt the Vatican’s Good Friday Liturgy, 2002, the Preacher to the Papal Household, Capuchin Fr. Raniero Cantalamessa, said the other religions “are not merely tolerated by God …. but positively willed by Him as an expression of the inexhaustible richness of His grace and His will for everyone to be saved.”

This, in short, is apostasy. 

St. John, the Apostle of Love, said: “Who is a liar but he who denies that Jesus is the Christ? This is Antichrist who denies the Father and the Son” (1 John 1: 22). Thus, Islam, Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism, any religion that rejects Christ, according to Scripture, is an Antichrist religion.

Regarding heretical religions, for example, “Orthodoxy” and Protestantism, St. Paul tells us that false creeds are the “doctrines of devils” (1 Tim. 4: 1).

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Editor’s note: By almost every account, much of what officially passes for Roman Catholicism today, is just another form of heretical, Neo-Protestant Christianity.

Catholic teaching is in shambles. Catholic unity is a myth. Catholic leadership is so weak and ineffective as to be laughable, if the matter wasn’t actually so deadly serious.

Our pope thinks he’s Barack Obama, many of our bishops think they’re Senator Harry Reed, and the few Catholics still remaining in the pews really don’t know what to think!

The people running the Catholic Church today are teaching things that are radically different and often totally opposed to the truths which were handed down to us by Jesus and the Apostles, while paying out multi-BILLIONS of dollars (of our money) in clerical abuse settlements and legal fees.

Divine truth and Catholic morality doesn’t change, so exactly what in the HELL has been going on for lo these many years?

Think: “Reverse Inquisition”

The question is no longer simply whether or not the 2nd Vatican Council was legitimate. Everything that has happened in the aftermath of that council, every church teaching that was “reformulated” during that time and everyone who subsequently rose to power in the post-counciliar church must now be subjected to the closest scrutiny – by the laity. 

Faithful Catholic lay persons can rely on the power of constant, fervent prayer, combined with the power of the purse to bring about the necessary “reform of the reform”. But until such a concerted effort actually comes together, don’t expect much.

Shocking revelations: How German radicals and other modernist heretics hijacked the 2nd Vatican Council, from the outset

….We all know there is a liberal narrative of the Council, what Benedict called the “Council of the Media”; but there is also a conservative narrative, one which tries to absolve the Council itself of all possible wrongdoing and place the blame squarely on post-Conciliar innovations. That narrative is no longer plausible after reading this book.

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Editor’s note: And just a few short years later, radical hippies similarly hijacked the Democratic Party of the United States.

How heretics take over the church: Today it’s Liberation Theology. Tomorrow perhaps, it will be contraception or homosexuality.

muellerThe war between the Liberation Theology movement and Rome is over
Gianni Valente (“Vatican City,” June 21, 2013)

“The Latin American ecclesial and theological movement known as “Liberation Theology”, which spread to other parts of the world after the Second Vatican Council, should in my opinion be included among the most important currents in 20th century Catholic theology.” This authoritative and glorifying historical evaluation of Liberation Theology did not just come from some ancient South American theologian who is out of touch wit the times.

The above statement was made by Archbishop Gerhard Ludwig Müller, Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith which Ratzinger headed in the 1980’s, after John Paul I appointed him to the post. The Prefect gave two instructions, warning against pastoral and doctrinal deviations from Latin American theological currents of thought.

This decisive comment about the Liberation Theology movement is not just some witty remark that happened to escape the mouth of the current custodian of Catholic orthodoxy. The same balanced opinion pervades the densely written pages of “On the Side of the Poor. The Theology of Liberation”, a collection of essays co-written with liberation theologian Gustavo Gutiérrez and published in Germany in 2004.

Gutiérrez invented the formula for defining the Liberation Theology movement, whose actions were – for a long time – closely scrutinised by the Ratzinger-led Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. The movement was not criticised once during this time.


Editor’s note: This is liberal Catholic Church politics in action – not much different than what’s going on in Barack Obama’s morally bankrupt regime – right here in the United States.

The real question: Is Archbishop Muller merely speaking for himself – or for Pope Francis?

Catholics deserve to know the truth.

Nuns on the Bus (also known as BS on the Bus) leader “answers” Pope Francis … sort of.


From my vantage point (excluded from the halls of power and never consulted before being named as a problem by CDF) it appears to me that these actions continue to be about both church and U.S. politics. Women religious are a soccer ball between competing church departments. None of this is really about faith. The Vatican officials continue to say that they like our work when we do direct service, but they do not like our politics when they do not align with some U.S. bishops’ hard right views.

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Editor’s note: It’s not your politics, sister. It’s your abject heresies and your calling things that you do “Catholic” when they’re often, not even close. The time for political rhetoric is over. If you’re truly Catholic, then conduct your affairs accordingly. If not, the Anglicans have a slot open for you!

Most Americans are not militant secularists. Instead, they set themselves up as their own spiritual authorities freed from creed, canon, catechism, or confession.

In other words, they are heretics — generally warmed-over Transcendentalists.

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Catholics for Choice is just another bunch of corrupt heretics in search of approval, funded by enemies of the Catholic Church.

by Doug Lawrence

These guys want to act as an alternate Magisterium, in order to promote all their favorite vices and abominations. Their latest election video runs almost 40 minutes, and it’s a great example of  the type of corrupt academic leaders we have teaching our children, today … the same elitist wackos who are attempting to seduce the poorly catechized Catholic electorate.

I’ll save you a lot of time: According to these people, the church is wrong. Premarital sex, birth control, abortion, homosexual acts and same sex marriage are not only OK … but normal. Certainly not sinful!

The Catholic Church would be much better off if it relaxed its prohibitions against various sins … especially sexual sins … since according to these people … sin doesn’t really exist any more. The various Catholic opinion polls prove it.

The only thing they got right is this: These people are still Catholic, by virtue of their baptism. So were the first Protestant heretics, and these guys are no different.

But I doubt that will help them much, come Judgment Day!


Seen on the web: Practical reasons why women’s ordination was, is, and always will be wrong.

Submitted by Anonymous on May 25, 2011.

Would just like to say that I once had a problem with the inability of women to be ordained, and then when I read the Church’s documents, I continued to struggle for a while, then I started to get it. And then when I studied at a seminary, I really understood it. I thank God for the all-male priesthood, which is the only kind there can be. Jesus knew what He was doing, and no, we haven’t been tricked into thinking He only picked men for the priesthood. There is no evidence for that whatsoever…it’s a feminist myth just like the feminist myths of an idyllic past when women ruled the world.

You know what else I learned studying at seminary? That I had been poisoned by a feminist culture and upbringing. No one suggested that to me…it just became evident to me after spending some time around these wonderful, holy, orthodox young men. When I began to spend time with the seminarians, I began to truly appreciate men and their unique mode, if you will, of being human. Everything that JPII says about complementarity and so on is true.

I won’t give a defense of the all-male priesthood here because first of all the fact that the Church teaches it is enough, and you can read the documents for yourself. You either want to be a faithful Catholic or you don’t, and rejecting Church teaching is not part of being a faithful Catholic. Also, those who are in rebellion on this point seem to be completely closed-minded to any argument, so what they need is grace! Because I’ve been there, I pray for them, but I do wish they’d stop leading others astray and attacking Christ’s ministers.

I will say this, however. My first clue that the women’s ordination crowd was not right was that so many were in favor of so-called abortion rights, homosexuality, etc., and also denied core doctrines like the Incarnation. So here’s another reason I praise God that we don’t have women priests: If these women were in charge of the Church, or in any position of authority in the Church, it’d be a mess of heretical whimsy and tolerance of the killing of the unborn and God knows what else. Everywhere these folks have been in charge (like many Catholic schools, and some work in Dioceses), the result has been confusion and heresy and intolerance for the true Faith.

Luckily younger generation women are more traditional. It is easy to be led astray on this matter because the all-male priesthood is counter-cultural nowadays, and people have no idea what it really is to act in persona Christi, to be alter Christus. Because they think it’s just a role, like any Protestant pastor or president of a meeting might have, they don’t get it… It’s very, very unfortunate. But those with theology degrees should know better than the average person in the pew who just thinks everything in life is a matter of “rights.”


Editor’s note: The above was a reader comment response to a shameful, poorly researched and blatantly misleading editorial piece written by a CINO (Catholic In Name Only) website that is really Protestant in almost every single one of its various, radical positions … but is too far gone to actually admit it.