Pro-life success story: Dad realizes – just in time – the true meaning of heroism.


One for our side!

ATLANTA – A nationally-recognized pro-life organization posted video footage on Monday of a man who went inside an abortion facility in Georgia to save the life of his unborn baby at the urging of a Christian sidewalk counselor.

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Real heroes don’t promote the wanton slaughter of pre-born infants.

AUSTIN, Texas (Reuters) – Thousands of opponents of a Texas proposal to tighten abortion restrictions rallied outside the statehouse on Monday, giving a hero’s welcome to Democratic state Senator Wendy Davis, whose 11-hour speech stalled the measure last week.


“If a noble Christian priest, preacher or sister should be inspired to go and sacrifice a life to console these poor wretches, that would be a royal soul to shine forever on the throne reared by human love.”

Father Damien – Heroic Leper Priest – Royal Soul – Saint

The mere mention of Molokai was enough to send shivers up the spine of nineteenth century Hawaiians. This island, located just southeast of Oahu, became the final destination and burial place of over 8,000 Hawaiians diagnosed with the terrible disease. The first settlement, where Father Damien spent most of his time, was established in the village of Kalawao located on the eastern side of a peninsula that protrudes off the northern coast of Molokai.

The first lepers to arrive found dreadful living conditions. There was very little food and shelter, inadequate medicine and absolutely no hope. Many lepers refused to leave the boats that docked on the tiny island of Okala, just offshore from Kalawao, and were thrown overboard. Those who could not swim drowned in the turbulent Pacific Ocean.

They were sent there to die and they knew it. Seeing themselves abandoned in such a callous way, they gave themselves up to all sorts of vices. Treated like animals, they quickly began to act like animals. Losing all human joys, they feverishly grasped at those of the beasts and subsequently gave themselves over to a sinful life.1

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Pope John Paul II and Hugh Hefner?


Viewers of the “Nightline” segment on Christopher West may have been led to believe that the theologian considers Pope John Paul II and Hugh Hefner, founder of Playboy Enterprises, to be on equal ground in their treatment of sexuality. But the piece, which condensed several hours of footage into a seven-minute video feature, may have missed the mark in presenting West’s comparison between the two.

West told Our Sunday Visitor his explanation of the connection he drew between Hefner and the pope was misrepresented.

“Both men began addressing the problem of Puritanism at the same historical moment — the early 1950s. As Catholics, we actually agree with Hefner’s diagnosis of the disease: a Puritanical rejection of the body and sex is utterly contrary to Catholic faith. But we radically disagree with his cure. John Paul II offered the world the real cure for the disease of Puritanism and its twin sister, sexual license.

“My strong disagreement with Hefner never showed up in the piece. Instead, they claimed Hefner is a ‘hero’ of mine. It’s been painful to see that some Catholics have accepted ABC’s spin at face value.”

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