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Comment by BullPasture


2 days ago

The Catholic bishops are threatening to refuse to bow down to Obama’s decree that they give free contraceptives to employees of Catholic schools, hospitals, and charities. For this long overdue fidelity to principle, there will be hell to pay.

The Obama administration has launched a blitzkrieg directly against the Catholic Church and, indirectly, against all people of faith. Kathleen Sebelius, Secretary of HHS, has decreed that every employer, including schools, hospitals, and charities operated by the Catholic Church, are required to provide free contraceptives if they offer a health insurance plan.

The Catholic Church believes and teaches that artificial contraception is immoral. Obama disagrees and so Secretary Sebelius has given the Church a choice: Either cancel health insurance for it’s employees, or violate it’s conscience and moral teaching. If the Church refuses to submit, Sebelius and Obama will punish it with fines enforced at gunpoint.

In issuing this decree the Obama administration has, as is their custom, simply ignored the constitution. For those who haven’t read it lately it declares that �Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof…� To the extent that Obama and Sebelius’ attempt to apply ObamaCare regulations to the Church they are violating the constitution. To the extent that they are interfering with the Catholic Church’s free exercise of their faith Obama and Sebelius are violating the constitution.

This assault launched by the Obama administration against the Catholic Church is an outrage but the bishops have no right to be outraged. They have fed the beast that now threatens to consume them. They fed the beast by turning a blind eye to the scandal of pro-abortion politicians being given the Eucharist at Mass. They fed the beast by seeming to sell annulments to high-profile �Catholics� like John Kerry, Joe Kennedy, and Rudy Giuliani. They fed the beast by engaging in coverup over the child abuse scandals. They fed the beast by twisting Catholic teaching on concern for the poor into a call for greater involvement by the state. They enjoyed being included in the circles of power and drank deeply from the well of worldly approval. In seeking the approval of the secular world they unleashed the beast that seeks to devour them.

There are only three choices for the bishops. They can capitulate and include contraceptives in the health plans they offer. This would be a grave sin and enormous scandal that would drive millions of Catholics out of the parishes. The Bishops would have no credibility left on matters of morals. They can surrender the mission of field charity and close the Catholic schools and hospitals. This, too, will dramatically weaken the Church in America and dishearten individual catholics. This, too, would be a a betrayal of what the Church stands for.

Or they can fight. The bishops should fight like hell. The bishops should punch the apparatchiks in the nose. The bishops should publicly excommunicate pro-abortion politicians. Lance the boil of scandal. They should publicly excommunicate Kathleen Sebelius for her attack. They should publicly excommunicate Nancy Pelosi for saying she stands with her fellow Catholics in support of this attack.

These people cause scandal. There should be no room for doubt that they are not catholics. They should make it clear when they call the faithful to care for the poor that they are speaking about personal responsibility and not public policy.

They should organize a march on Washington to protest the anti-catholic and anti-religious bigotry that infects federal policy. They should declare that it is a mortal sin to cast a vote in support of Barack Obama who supports the horrific practice of partial birth abortion.

The bishops should do these things loudly and unapologetically. They should appeal to those of the protestant and jewish faiths who also desire to be free to live their faith without interference from the government. They should offer no quarter. The bishops need to understand that Obama has crossed the Rubicon. There is no turning back. There is nothing to negotiate and nothing that can be offered in compromise.

Even if the rule is revoked the true intentions of Obama have been revealed. There will be hell to pay. If the bishops have their pastors speak against this at Mass you can be sure they will be attacked by the IRS. Fines will be imposed. The Church will be threatened with more retaliation. Bishops will be mocked and attacked in the popular media. Individual catholics will be mocked. So be it. The Church does not exist at the sufferance of the federal government. The Church does not compromise with evil. The Church does not surrender. It is time to do penance for the sins of the past. There is hell to pay. Time to pay it and give it back.