Teacher’s strike welcomes new Philadelphia Archbishop Chaput

“It was the biggest rejection of a contract I have ever seen that I can remember,” Paul Pedlow, a veteran English teacher at Archbishop Ryan, said after results of the secret ballot were announced Tuesday by the Association of Catholic Teachers, Local 1776.

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New Orleans paddling controversy: Not so much about the paddle. It’s about rights … and tradition.

The archbishop “is trying to fix something that’s not broken, and he’s going about it in the wrong way,” said Jacob Washington, the student body president at the historically black school.

The protesters called on the archbishop to issue a “public, unequivocal retraction … of all statements linking St. Augustine disciplinary policies with violence, particularly in the New Orleans community.”

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LA archbishop to offer opening prayer at pro-life event this Sunday at Rose Bowl

The Walk4Life is sponsored by LIFEsocal, which, according to the organization’s website, “was formed by a group of high school and college students, who believe that from the moment of conception, all babies deserve LIFE (Life Is For Everyone).”

Speakers at the Walk4Life will include Live Action founder Lila Rose, the Rev. Walter Hoye, Southern California conservative writer and TV and radio commentator Carol Liebau, actress Karyme Lozano, and Jason Jones of I Am Whole Life.

“Our primary goal is to inform and motivate teens and young adults in Southern California to believe in LIFE, stand up for LIFE, and fight for LIFE, with the hope of ending abortion,” says the LIFEsocal website. “In connection with this mission, we have committed to hold our first major LIFEevent with the Right to Life League of Southern California. It will be held at the Rose Bowl, Sunday, March 27, 2011.”

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