All About Sin, Death, Purgatory and Indulgences

These days, the subject of Purgatory and Indulgences is either totally ignored, or little understood.

It shouldn’t be that way.

This short (four page) presentation provides virtually all the practical information necessary to start getting Holy Souls released from Purgatory, or to totally avoid or shorten a possible stay in Purgatory, for yourself.

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A short list of some commonly available indulgences:

Eucharistic Adoration for at least a half hour (conc. 7 § 1, 1°)
Eucharistic procession (conc. 7 § 1, 3°)
Family, day for consecration of (conc. 1)
First Communion (conc. 8 § 1, 1°)
Good Friday (conc. 13, 1°)
Holy Saturday (conc. 28 § 1)
Holy Thursday (conc. 7 § 1, 2°)
Rosary, Marian (conc. 17 § 1)
Sacred Scripture, reading or listening for at least a half hour (conc. 30)

Link to the official Catholic (USSCB) Book of Indulgences (PDF)

Strange Things Have Been Known To Happen on the Night of Christmas


Jesuit Father Segundo Llorente (1906-1989) was an outstanding missionary to the faithful of Alaska. A brilliant and humble priest, Father Llorente spent himself in the service of the indigenous of Alaska for decades.

Years ago, in a meditation entitled “Strange Things Happen on the Night of Christmas,” this Spanish religious offered his thoughts on the adoration due the Most Holy Eucharist. This powerful essay, which was published in the February 1998 newsletter of the Catholic Society of Evangelists, seems more pertinent now than when it first was penned.

A priest told me what happened to him once in his first parish. After the Midnight Mass on Christmas Day he personally locked the church. With the keys in his pocket he went to his room and had a good sleep. At 7:30 in the morning he got up and went back to the church intending to have one hour of prayer all to himself. He opened the side door leading to the sacristy, turned on a light and then turned on the lights for the church. As he opened the sacristy door and walked into the church, he literally froze. Strange people clad in the poorest of clothes occupied most of the pews and all were in total silence. No one so much as wiggled and nobody cared to look at him. A small group was standing by the Nativity Scene contemplating the manger in total silence.

The priest recovered quickly and in a loud voice asked them how they got in. Nobody answered. He walked closer to them and asked again. “Who let you in?” A woman answered totally unconcerned: “Strange things happen on the night of Christmas.” And back to total silence The priest went to check the main door and found it locked just as he had left it. He was now determined to get the facts and turned his face to the pews; but they were empty. The people had vanished.

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Gain the release of holy souls from Purgatory: Have Masses perpetually offered for them.

The Purgatory Project exists to aid the souls in Purgatory. Anyone can register the names of people who have died. Registering them will help them. It is not hard to help these souls. It costs no money, and it is a very good and important thing to do.

The goal is to get all registered souls released from Purgatory and admitted to Heaven as expeditiously as possible. The souls who are not released immediately will still be helped because they will be elevated to a greater degree of purification and will have to endure less suffering.

The main benefit the souls will receive is the priceless value of hundreds of Masses being said each year for “All Souls Registered In the Purgatory Project”.  The Masses are currently being offered by the Capuchin Franciscans.

You are invited to join in with fasting, adoration, indulgences and Mass intentions to the extent that you are able, but you don’t have to. Masses and prayers that are no longer needed by one soul will automatically and supernaturally be applied to others still in need.

Go to the site and register as many souls as you like, as often as you like. There is no limit. Enter multiple names separated by a comma.

Like this: John Doe, Jane Doe, Joe Doakes, Jane Doakes, etc…

You can also copy and paste a list directly from your favorite text editor/word processor.

After successful registration, you will see a printable confirmation for all the souls you’ve added to the registry. Keep it. Pray over it. Use it should you need to check or verify your on-line listings.

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